The Gig

On the way home I went via Mum’s house so that I could pick up the Property pages (me and Chris are looking to rent a flat – see the next post if I get that far.) We had a quick chat about the day and how much fun I’d had in Cambridge and then I headed home.At high speed I washed my hair as I was running out of time, I came and sat in the living room and tried to finish my track list in time for the sound check (Actually I didn’t get to finish it till about 30 minutes after my sound check – I decided that My Immortal was too depressive and it would be better to go happy-ish rather than down and and depressive).Me at the Gig I decided that although it is a Worship song I would play Yesterday Today and Forever as I know I can play that one. Caroline was my Band Photographer for the evening and took various photos and a video. I was a little worried that it had gone horribly wrong and that everyone hated it. The audience were quite unresponsive again. I don’t know whether its just people didn’t want to react or that they didn’t like the music. I know there were a few peeps from our youth group who didn’t like the band who were the main act. Ben was one of the other acts and his Mum works with my Mum at one of her clients. She said I was good ad that she liked my voice (or words to the affect). I do have a video and will probably post it but Chris will get all paranoid on me about Copyright and stuff like that so I might have to leave it for now.

After the concert all I really wanted to flop in front of the TV and watch Doctor Who. As Chris has decided that they were going to watch it on the big screen I would go home and crash and come back in about half an hour. I came back to the church in my slippers and made some comment about that I was going to come back in with my dressing gown over my clothes. Well Owen and Jeccy egged me on and I went I get it (I also grabbed my bag of Jelly Babies to share round. Jelly Babies are a good aid when I’d comes to making friends.)

Doctor Who was awesome – seriously don’t want the series to end. Cat Tate isn’t the best “Who Girl” but she is bearable lol. I prefer Martha – i think she was carong but she had the brain power to do more (not that Rose was thick or anything)

so then it was bedtime, i said good night and came home. It’s niceti have the bed to myself once in a while it just give me breathing space.

I can’t believe that Bex is getting married tomorrow – It’s mad! Bex getting married this weekend Cat was due to be getting married the weekend after next and the following weekend it’s Clare and Ossie’s Wedding (My Auntie and her boyfriend).

I know am only up to Saturday night but I 1 need to sleep and 2 post this before it ends up ridiculously long.

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