The Great CiN Adventure (Part 2)

I have lots to say and not enough time to say it. Plain and simple.

Yesterday and today were completely crazy but completely awesome and now I am totally shattered. My head is beginning to hurt and I just want to sleep (Also doesn’t help that I tried not to drink cola or mocha today like I did yesterday so that hopefully I might stand a chance of sleeping properly.

My first thing to say is that at around 7 minutes to 3 yesterday afternoon, me and two of the other CLP Bloggers/volunteers went live on BBC Radio 2 during the Steve Wright in The Afternoon show (it was covered by Richard Allinson as Steve is on holiday) Oh my days I was so excited. I’m hoping to have a proper clip to keep (yes I am that sad!) but for now it’s here.

For now I am going to go and sleep hopefully enough to be back on normal life tomorrow.

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