The Great CiN Adventure (Part 3)

So I arrived in London at about 10:30, as I wasn’t meeting Scoobs and Pip, two of the other bloggers from Chris Evans blog until Midday I decided to go for a wander round Covent Garden so I caught the Piccadilly line from Kings Cross to the tube at Covent Garden.

From the tube station I walked up to the cafe where Zoza’s sister works – whereas before I couldn’t even find it this time I remembered exactly where it was. On my way I popped into Urban Outfitters – oh dear it was expensive lol. (I pretty much about faced and walked straight out again).

I went up to the cafe but it was closed 🙁 so I headed back to the main market area of Covent Garden. I had a look round the Quiksilver store – the girl in there was super lovely and so helpful – her accent was from Australia or New Zealand.

I had a look at the holdalls in there as I’ve been looking at a new one anyway. i found a funky one with spots on that i really liked.

I wandered along to Starbucks for a hot chocolate and then stood and re-jigged all the bits I had with me.

I stood out side the tube station and drank my hot chocolate – it was a little too hot to drink at the speed I was trying to drink it so I’m pretty sure I may have slightly toasted my tongue lol.

I went to catch the tube back to St Pancras and my ticket wouldn’t work. I went to the assistant and he said that my ticket would have only been valid for one trip from St Pancras to where ever I got off within Zones 1-2 – basically I had the wrong ticket so I went to a ticket machine and got a Zone 1 and 2 card so that I could travel the rest of the day.

I got on the tube and headed back to St Pancras. I was in the lift and my phone started ringing. It was Scoobs. Her and Pip were just getting off their train and that they’d see me soon. I explained that I was in the lift at Covent Garden and if I lost her I’d meet her and Pip outside WHSmith and that I’d be there soon.

I got to St Pancras and realised that actually I wasn’t that clear about where we were meeting – I’d said WHSmith in Kings Cross only really I meant St Pancras. I texted Scoobs and explained that I wasn’t very clear and that I meant St Pancras not Kings Cross. Well after our first hiccup of the day we met up in the station.

We all popped to the loo and changed into our fab Pudsey/Children in Need shirts.

We headed through the station and hopped on the Victoria line to Oxford Circus. Given how close it is to Christmas it was really busy and kinda stressful getting off the platform and then out of the station. While we were attempting to get through the crowds on the platform, a man walked past us it was only as he walked past me that I realised who it was. It was Goldie (DJ, Artist and Actor – he was also in Strictly this series).

We caught back up together at the escalators and discussed who we’d just spotted.

We walked from the tube station to Pret A Manger on Regent Street to meet the other bloggers and then onto BBC Broadcasting House.

Well actually we were going to BBC Western House which is like round the corner from the iconic Broadcasting House.

We got there for 1:30 and waited in the foyer to be called upstairs. I was so excited – I thought I was going to pop lol.

We were taken upstairs and were given a brief training session of sorts – what to put on the form, where the fire exits are and things like that. We then hovered in the foyer upstairs and waiting till the team changed round.

I waited my turn and as I was led into the calls room, there were a group of people hanging around the door, I noticed that in the middle of the huddle there was a gentleman. It was only when he turned round I realised that it was Rolf Harris. I tried to squeeze past the huddle but there wasn’t enough space, so I tapped Rolf on the elbow and asked “excuse me”.

I was put on a desk the opposite side of the room from the door but I was able to take this picture on my phone before getting put on the phones properly.

Rolf Harris @ BBC Radio 2

This was just the start of the crazy surreal-ness.

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