Matt Smith is The New Doctor

How exciting! 

So Me, Mum and Dad are watching Doctor Who Confidential. 

So the new Doctor is going to be…..Matt Smith.

Question is will he live up to David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston.

Yeah we didn’t recgonise the name either but once we’d looked it up on IMDB he was in Party Animals and in The Ruby in the Smoke (alongside Billie Piper.)

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  1. canadacole says:

    Wait! How’d I miss the announcement!? I’m going to miss Tennant soooo much! Mind you, I didn’t think anyone could replace Eccleston and was proven wrong, so I’m willing to give the new guy a chance. Thanks for the heads up!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      It was on BBC1 as I was writing that post! The annoucement was made during Doctor Who Confidential on Saturday evening – you should be able to get it on BBC iPlayer till this Saturday (10th)

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