Yes Man


SYes Man by Danny Wallaceo I think over a year or more ago I bought this book. Whenever I’ve seen Danny Wallace on the TV sometimes he’s got a little bit on my nerves but after a while he kinda started to grow on me (unlike people like Jimmy Carr who I just don’t get!). I remember talking about him to my friend at school when he did the “How to Start Your Own Country” project.

I remember standing in front of my friends computer telling him I actually thought he was a little potty for going with the idea!

I loved the book – so much I think I recommended it, lent it to a friend and then didn’t receive it back.  (I’ve been trying to find it so that I can add it to the read list again!) 

Anyhoo! So as soon as I heard on Film 2008 with Jonathan Ross (which was stopped after that incident!) that there was going to be a film made of the book and Jim Carrey was going to play the main role I’d already decided I was going to see it!

(Just a side note – while I am writing this post CJ is building a Lego town on our living room floor!!! I am so glad he is building it that way he can trip over it and whinge about it being in the middle of the floor!)

I love the film.

Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen, his life is going nowhere (no being the operative word!), he’s been in the same job for 5 years and has just been turned down for a promotion. He bumps into an old friend who encourages him to go to s self help program. It’s based on one idea: say yes to everything and anything. 

By starting on this journey the idea of saying yes begins to transform his life in new, amazing and unexpected ways. He gets promoted and then it opens the door to a new romance. However after a while it begins to cause problems.

Zooey Deschanel plays Carl Allen’s (Carrey’s) love interest in the movie. I love her character as she’s quirky! (Zooey does quirky well just look at The Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy – she plays Trillian) I especially like the running photography – apart from the fact that I’d probably fall over and break my camera I think it’s a great idea! maybe blurry photos are the way forward! 

On the Hannah Scale I’d say it’s a 9 – it annoys me a little that it didn’t stick to the book but then again which adaptations do (I saw Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging a few weeks ago and this had the same issue!) I loved the chemistry between Carrey and Deschanel’s characters – I could actually believed that they liked each other! The thing I noted was that when I was growing up apart from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Carrey was famous for playing quirky characters like The Mask or Ace Ventura. Although Bruce Almighty was serious it was still comedic. There are places where Carrey plays for the laughs but it’s more accidental rather than on purpose (if you catch my drift!)

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