The One about Allsorts

So I’ve not been around for a few days. Then again I have been here really. I just seem to have been on another planet.

I guess a lot of it was thinking about what I was going to write and what I was going to write about ? I think I used a lot of my writing mojo on Saturday when I was tweeting like every half an hour about where CJ was upto on his sponsored bounce. I?ve also been out like every evening and so never got to the point of blogging about what I?d been upto.

That would be this post but I wrote out a semipost by hand earlier when I was trying to reinstall IE7 on the computer at work ? IE8 kept crashing on me and I really needed to get stuff sorted so I uninstalled IE8 restarted and reinstalled IE7 in the space of about half an hour while trying to do the labels through My Computer.


Here is the post I wrote by hand.

I keep doing the worst thing.

I?ve applied for a job at a reasonably well known company in London, the closing date is tomorrow and I keep catching myself imagining scenarios in that job like discussing on the phone about when I can go to London for an interview and then working on the train as I zip along to work or arriving at Kings Cross/St Pancras and calling ahead to make sure my schedule hasn?t changed. YEAH okay so in my little random brain wanderings I have a PA ? who has the time to tell me stuff like that.

Okay so the reason this is the worst thing to do is because I kinda applied as almost a ?just in case I?m what they are looking for? kinda scenario. I?m like 75% sure that I?m not going to get called for an interview let alone actually get the job at the end of it.

Anyway CJ and Mr C are both confident that I could be what they need and so they are being hopeful for me even if I?m doubting myself. I am going to curl up with the next batch of applications soon and get on with those.

I have lots of little projects on the go but some of them need to be finished postponed or dropped completely. I think I want to start (and properly do) Project 365 but I?m not sure whether i have the discipline (and time) to be able to do it.

November is NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month ? although it?s now become International. It?s a massive challenge to write a novel of around 50,000 words. That?s 1666.6666 reoccurring words per day. On the other hand there is Nablopomo which is National Blog Posting Month ? which again is a big project but I can write between 50 words and 2000 a day and not worry about the word count ? just the blog post count lol.

So which do I do: Project 365 ? which I?ve kinda started anyway because I take so many pictures or NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo?? (Links to follow!)

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