The One with My Favourite Shoes

My Favourite Shoes

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These are my favourite shoes – I’ve had this pair of DM’s for about 5 years now (I remember wearing them lots in the Sixth Form which I started in Sept 2002 so they might even be seven years old. They are well worth the money due to how long I’ve had them and how comfy they are.

I tried to find another pair so that I could replace them but I ahven’t been able to find anywhere that sell the right pair – the catalogue my Mum gets no longer has DM’s in there and the factory outlet store is near Northampton and so I’d have to drive all the way there for a replacement pair (which at £40-50 a go I’m not sure if I can afford a replacement pair)

So instead Mum has suggested that I take them to the cobblers and see if they can be repaired – after all they put new soles on Mum’s favourite shoes about three times in a row because she loved the shoes so much!

I’m hoping that they can stitch the strap back on again otherwise they are very poorly shoes.


  1. Furniture says:

    Oh no!!! Not those shoes!!! You know, it was mandatory in the school that I went to to wear those shoes (they had to be brown) 3 days out of 5 (the other two, it had to be white trainers (and oh, they had to be all white, otherwise you had to buy other ones!!) and, yes, they are comfortable but when it came to running during the 45 minute break after lunchtime my feet begun to hurt. They even forbade wearing hair bands that were not green and I once got a comment from the headmistress because the green of my hair band was too green (too loud according to her, she said it was “parrot green”) she and took my hair band out –herself, yes, herself- and told me to get another one. Can you believe it??? I have to say, the shoes are fine but school made me hate them!!

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