The One about being Ill on Christmas!

I can’t believe I am ill on Christmas AGAIN.

Some years I can be really ill like the year I had flu – I think I had had a cold leading up to Christmas and managed to fight it off or keep it at bay but then on Christmas Day that particular year I got Flu like symptoms and slept through most of Christmas Day. This action of sleeping lots obviously made the difference because although I feel groggy I was fine on Boxing Day

So here we are in 2009. I went to bed Christmas Eve and was losing my voice – at one point it had completely gone. About 7-8pm while we were playing Star Wars Clone Wars Monopoly at my Parents House, my nose decided it was going to run and join the party that was going on in my head!

Anyway so this morning I got up and now I feel like poop. I had a shower to see if that made me feel more human but the hot water just made me cough and splutter some more. Hopefully going to go to the supermarket and get some cold relief and some tissues before heading off to CJ’s Auntie’s house.


    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Thank you 🙂

      Hopefully will feel better – in two minds about going to my Grandma’s house tomorrow – Really wanna go but worried I might breathe cold over everyone lol.

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