The One with The Bottle

So I’ve taken up residence in my bed lol. I’m not one for surrendering in bed and giving in to illness but this time it’s had to be done.

I’ve been on the phone to NHS Direct and they said about taking some Paracetamol and see if it’ll break my temperature. (Just looked it up of Wikipedia for the technical term – what a geek!) So Paracetamol is an antipyretic which means it’ll reduce the temperature and an analgesic so it’ll reduce pain.

CJ grabbed me the bottle of paracetamol and some Vitamin C tablet thingies and left me to it lol. He offered me sandwiches for lunch but I really wasn’t fancying sandwiches lol. But then when The Kiwi came and offered me noodles, that sounded lush – I really fancied noodles lol. (They are easier to swallow I think that interested me lol). I was taking the NHS Direct ladies advice and was trying to take paracetamol. I tried to open the paracetamol and it was irritating me – I couldn’t do it. I was about to either give up or go downstairs and get the other packet. The Kiwi came upstairs to see if I wanted a cup of tea or some bread with my noodles, while she was there I asked her to open the paracetamol so I could take some (Yup I can’t believe that I couldn’t open the bottle!!

The Kiwi then nipped back downstairs and finished cooking the noodles, then she came back. She is the Queen of Kindness today! I texted her earlier to grab me some more tissues on her way home and she said she would! Fab girlie!!

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