The One about Friends

I keep thinking about different things mainly because I want inspiration to blog about when I get home but then again I sit at work each day and around the same time inspiration grabs me – I can’t blog at the moment so I try and write stuff down but then for one or another reason it doesn’t make it from my pad or my email inbox to the blog. If I was to post my half baked ideas I’d sound like a complete loon! You’d be calling men in whites coats to take me to the loony bin!

Then again some days I’m convinced the loony bin would be the place for me.

Anyway so this is a half baked idea, if you read someone’s blog and comment when can you refer to them on your own blog as “my friend” do you need to know the person in person (in the sense of you’ve met them IRL and you’ve “met” them on the internet – for example David is a friend from church who I see at least once a week IRL and technically I introduced him to blogging so I can refer to him as my friend) then again there’s this blogger/writer/superwoman who I know, have met in person (technically she was my employer for about two months but that is another story) and now I comment on her blog but can I refer to her as my friend? I think if we were to meet again we would get on better than before because I’ve grown up a whole bunch (I think!) and we know more about each others interests – if you read some of her blog posts we actually have whole conversations about movies!


  1. David says:

    Hey Han,
    Glad that I can definatell be called your friend, I think that someone with whom you interact, ina friedly manner, through medium such as twitter, facebook & blogs etc can be considered friends, even if you have never meet them, I have several internet friends who I have never meet but also a good number of friends who I have got to know firstly through the internet then meet in real life.
    I think that I would have meet more of them in real life if geography werent such an issue! Therefore I still consider them friends.
    Friends are those we get along with whether we see them often or rarely or even never! Joy has a friend who she exchanges e-mails with on a semi regular basis, they write and exchage christmas gifts and get to meet up about once every couple of years, and the friend only lives in Bishops Stortford, we attended each others weddings etc, and joy would number her amongst one of her best friends. OK so the friendship started off in a real life encounter (on Girl Covies Camp when they were both teenagers) but before the internet they exchanged letters a couple of times a year, they still considered themselves close friends why should that change just because the medium has moved on? indeed the communication is more regular now than it was.
    Anyhow, thanks for being my friend I consider it a rela priveledge to have such good friends as you and Chris, you mean a huge amount to me and have been there to support me through some of the worst and most difficult times of my life.
    Love & Hugs, David

  2. Robert Joy says:

    Dear Hannah
    Here’s another Joy that considers you as a friend. We’ve never met and I think you are amoung one of my best friends… so there… don’t beat yourself up!
    A friend from across the pond in Kansas USA Robert Joy

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