The One About When I Grow Up

On Monday I had lunch with Mrs W and the girlies, we were talking about how when I was younger what did I want to do when I grew up (if that makes sense).

I was like most kids I reckon and I didn’t want to settle for one thing or another. I wanted to be one thing this week and something else next week – How was I ever going to get the right qualifications while I kept changing my mind!

If I start from the present and work backwards that probably works best.

Primary Teacher
Being a drama teacher was plan A after uni, plan B became being a primary school teacher. I was going to have the specialism of drama from my degree but I was going to teach Italian. Yup apparently to teach Italian at a primary school level you just need to be able to speak to a GCSE level – no problem except I hadn’t spoken italian since I quit back in 2003! How was I going to manage to speak enough Italian to prove the point in an interview.

Drama Teacher
I did a Performing Arts degree and seeing as neither drama or dance were my strong points (or at least not in the eyes of my lecturers) teaching was the way forward. I looked at being a teacher and after two ish weeks of observing lessons, drama in an upper school wasn’t for me.

Okay I’m not sure where exactly this came from – It might have been while I was studying Sociology at College (I decided that seeing as I had time on my hands I’d pick up another AS level as I screwed up the first time round!).

This was a hairbrain one – teachers are telling you to go to uni and you have no idea what you’ll be good at so in my case I picked what I liked – for one or another reason moving school/going to college wasn’t right for me so I couldn’t do Human Biology, my school wouldn’t accept me for Biology because I only got a C for Double Science rather than a B as requested in the handbook – I was only just accepted for drama because the teachers knew I’d work my socks off (which even then wasn’t enough to rescue me!)

Anyway so I wanted to help people and Paramedical Science seemed like the way forward.

Didn’t Care
When I was in about Year 9/10 I was bullied – for anything being short, being a geek, being a teachers pet, being a christian, wearing glasses, not being trendy on mufti day, you name it I was bullied for it – I just wanted to survive and get out of school. I know I make it sound dramatic but I took to hanging out in the library or the music department to stay out of trouble.

When I was Younger
I did the normal things, wanted to be a vet but then saw Animal Hospital or something like that and they were helping birth a calf – eugh that was gross lol. The guy had to stick his arm in the cow and assist with the birthing – I decided that I couldn’t do that, so that one went out the window. I remember wanting to be a lawyer but the whole idea of standing up in front of that many people and speaking scared me a little (hey I was about 12 and hadn’t really found my outspoken side!)

On the other hand there are all the things I have been
Waitress/barmaid kinda for the same company but at three or four different venues, customer service rep/cashier at a builders merchant, cashier at a supermarket, PA/housekeeper for a concierge and recruitment company (My manager owned the two companies and so I kinda worked inbetween the two for about two months – I loved the idea of what I was doing I just didn’t get it right – also I wasn’t used to working on my own) and most recently a customer service rep for a safe company. I’ve also been a babysitter, cleaner (I was my mum’s cleaner for a few months because I was struggling to get a job as anything else)

The problem with getting my degree in performing arts is that everyone thinks that you just want a job until you hit your big break – to be honest it’s not going to happen for me I just want a job that likes me for me.

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  1. Suzie says:

    I reckon this book is going to be great and God is gonna show you how special and amazing and UNIQUE you are, and what he wants you to do. He has amazing plans for you Hanniepants, just hold on tight for the journey! x

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Hey Suzie 🙂 It’s going to be awesome!!! My journey is going to be great – it might be stressful along the way but I got you and Mrs W helping me out 🙂

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