The One With……

(Ugh!!!! Must stop starting posts with So or Okay!!! It’s not good English!)

Here’s goes…….

Today is Sunday and I seem to be failing on the front of writing blogs. I keep meaning to come back and write something but I guess I’m just having writers block or something – then again it probably doesn’t help that i have like 4 books on the go and about four projects – one that should have been finished at the end of December – who would have thought writing a journal every day for a year could be so hard! I am doing my best to keep up – i think I will just sit around one Saturday at the end of each month and finish that months entries.

I received my next journal in the Round Robin Swap on the British Birds group – I had a minor crisis on Friday as it had been left under my housemates car in the dry – well it was dry until the car was moved but thankfully the plastic in the jiffy bag kept the journal inside nice and dry – unfortunately it seems like my own journal has disappeared somewhere in the Royal Mail postage system – kinda gutting but my fab friends are in the process of reconstructing something for me (which is awesome!) I am going to bed now. Night Night

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