NaBloPoMo: Day 4: The One The Night Before

So this time tomorrow we’ll be in our new house – semi surronded by cardboard boxes I think (or at least the shed/summerhouse will be full of boxes)

I’m sat here writing this post but I got sidetracked by this YouTube Video by Kristina aka italktosnakes. Kristina I am doing NaNoWriMo and because in the 3 years I’ve attempted it I’ve never actually reached 50,000 I really struggle with motivation lol. This year I am already around the 4k mark which makes me feel good because I am usually about the 400 mark about now lol.

While I sit here writing a blog post The Kiwi is packing her stuff around me lol. I guess I am either tidier, more organised or just a quicker packer lol. I was sat in the other room but the war film my Dad was watching was beginning to bore me a bit lol.

I keep remembering companies that I need to call to change addresses and stuff but I can guarantee when I get to it tomorrow or over the weekend I won’t remember all of them. I know I should start a list but I’ll probably lose it or put it somewhere safe and then forget that lol.

We briefly met our neighbour earlier (she’s the sister of the lady we bought from – if that makes sense)

Anyway I am going to write some story.

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