NaBloPoMo: Day 5: The One With The House Move

So technically I’m writing this on the 10th November due to all the excitement of moving house and not having any internet I’ve fallen behind both on NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. I’m not calling them failures yet – I can go made and do an all nighter on the novel and post date my blogs lol. I WILL CATCH UP!

So we moved house, we are in our lovely new place that we can all ours and not someone elses.

My Grandad isn’t a violent person – however I think if he was – he might have punched my FIL – he made some comments to my Grandad that treated him like he hasn’t been a carpenter and general handyman for most of his life – that was the major issue of note from the day other than that we had a good day and got settled relatively quickly.

I guess by moving today it took our minds off the fact that G-ma passed away a year today. Me and Mum were in the car at about 4:30pm – which was about the time that Mum called me and I went to get CJ and my brother to go to the hospital. I guess it was good to talk about it rather than skirt round the subject but it was hard and it was sad that she isn’t here to see us buy our first house and stuff like that. I think if she’s not too busy in Heaven she might have been sat on her cloud looking at us running round like crazy ants.

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