The One Where I Learnt About Trackbacks!

So I found this blog post via Twitter. I watched a video that was of ads made by AT&T in 1993, the idea being that they were showing the things that you would be able to do, like send a fax from a Tablet PC while sitting on the beach, or using a public phone with video call functions (Okay I rarely use payphones – I think I used one a few months ago because my battery on my mobile had died.)

The question asked was Did Anyone remember these? Well I don’t remember them lol. In 1993 I was 7 and a bit maybe even 8 and I live in the UK. The internet was still to come and I think the only computer I used was the one at school and the one we had at home which ran Windows 3.11 and played games in MS-DOS

And so I clicked on it and realised that I could use the Trackback and stuff – Yeah okay I’m weird I know! But I am so excited all the same!!!

Also I gave out my first Business Card this evening. The Wendy Lady came round for a DVD and Ice Cream – in the end we watched two!

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