The One with The House Move

Okay so we’ve been moved two weeks now but we only got internet yesterday and I’ve been doing bits and pieces while I had no internet to get on with stuff in the garden.

It was probably not just the lack of internet but probably also included the nice weather that we had in that first week.

I spent alot of last week trying to clear the garden of the weeds and the bramble/rose bush that was growing all over the shed roof (My Dad came to help me last Saturday with clearing it which was awesome to hang out doing stuff that wasn’t just watching TV shows lol.

Over the last two weeks I’ve also realised that more and more people from church have started reading my blog – as much as I don’t mind this I get a little tense that stuff I talk about here will be mentioned in public or that it will be used against me later down the line.

I keep thinking about moving my blog to keep an element of it private but then I think about how I might loose the readers I have because of the change of address – I also think about password protecting my posts but then again that might deter people from reading.

People out there what do you think?

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