The One With 23

So today is Day 23 out of 1001,  I sat and updated my 1001 list to see how well I was doing – in my geeky moment I’m tempted to work out the total activities (because some of my things have extra parts to them) and see what percentage I am up to. I have the feeling that it will be quite low but I might start anyway.

This evening I spoke to That Boy’s Auntie – she’s lovely! She recently updated her phone contract and decided to go for an iPhone – she’s having a minor panic because she’s going on holiday in like 6 hours (ooh just had a moment – I do hope her plane is running normally)

Day: 23
Goals to go: 95
Started: 17
Completed: 5
Pages for Script Frenzy: 44 (getting better but still behind)
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