The One With Bullet Points

Today is a strange one.


Okay so normally my post would be like

“Woe is me, life is troubled and I feel like pants” but apart from my lungs and sinuses not being on the same sheet as the rest of my body I am doing awesome lol.

  1. That Boy couldn’t find some bits that he needs for the youth event this evening so I went home and had a look, found them within ten minutes-ish and took them to him.
  2. I got three birthday cards today – one from That Boy’s Auntie K (She’s fab and lovely!) and two from people at work.
  3. Me and JD discussed the finer points of this evening and got that sorted she asked me did I understand in French and I responded in very broken German lol.(Yes this is what our lives have come to lol)
  4. My friend @Brandroidattack has completed college and will be able to move to Aussie to live there closer to his fiancé the fab @Rubyam – that made my Friday just go super spesh lol.

I am also working on a name change but I have no idea what to change it to – I thought about “The Rock Angel Diaries” but I’m mellowing and Rock Angel isn’t really me any more so I need some other suggestions – Twitter is being slow today…..

Day: 25
Goals to go: 95
Started: 17
Completed: 5
Pages for Script Frenzy: 44 (seriously not good)

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