The One With CJ’s Birthday

Okay so if anything I probably should have written this yesterday but in the excitement I managed to miss out on writing a blog post.

Yesterday was CJ’s Birthday – he’s an old man now (or so I keep telling him seeing as he’s about 8 months older than me!) However when he made a comment about being old, The Kiwi made some comment about being REALLY old seeing as she’s a couple of years older than us.

CJ wouldn’t give me any hints about what present he (and I had the minor panic regarding losing my purse!) I couldn’t get CJ a birthday present so I wanted to do something. Normally I would go buy him a DVD or a book but when I bought him Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsey it sat on the shelf for ages and didn’t get read and when I bought him Mission Impossible 3 on DVD that stayed in it’s cellophane until I unwrapped it and decided to watch it instead. So I decided that I wouldn’t be imaginative and buy him something I’d leave him to make a decision and then we can sort it out.

Anyway so I bought balloons at lunchtime and a cake to share round at Connect Group in the evening. I nipped home to put the cake in the fridge. When I got home CJ was there – I’d expected that he would be out at work but apparently he was allowed to work at home on his birthday. So I had to get him to sit there with his eyes close while I walked past where he was sat to the kitchen. Thankfully the cake was covered with a bag anyway.

I got back to work and at about 3pm it dawned on me that CJ was at home – how was I going to blow up the balloons for a surprise if he was there? So I texted The Kiwi and we formed something of a plan – if he was there we were going to send him to the shop for something – we weren’t sure what we needed but he needed to go to the shop. (However apparently we actually needed milk and he would have gone for the milk on his way home had he have known)

I quickly checked over CJ’s online calendar and we were okay he was due to have a meeting with his Doppelgänger from Christchurch (ok so Doppelgänger is the wrong word – he’s like Christchurch’s answer to CJ so Doppelgänger will do for now lol) and a meeting with The Murf. This gave me and The Kiwi time to get home from work and getting blowing up some balloons – I nearly hurt myself – I hadn’t stretched one of the balloons enough so when I breathed into the balloon it didn’t inflate – I think I went a funny shade of purple before having a choking fit lol.

We attached three balloons to the door knocker, two to the handle on the living room window, then three to the front room lamp shade (I couldn’t reach but The Kiwi managed this one) and three to the dining room lampshade – this one I could reach but had to stand on tip toes.

I think CJ liked it – I don’t think he was expecting anything really. Something I’ve learnt since being married is that although my family really celebrate birthdays his family don’t really make a deal about them. (But baring in mind that I am kinda an “on looker” I might be wrong)

EDIT: The cake is even better today 🙂

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