The One With The ID

I took The Wendy Lady to the supermarket on Saturday as she was getting some bits and was going to struggle home with the shopping.

So she walked to my house and then we went to the supermarket in the car – as I needed to go to my Mum’s after we went to the supermarket near her house.

We got all the essentials like toilet roll and bread then The Wendy Lady wanted to get some non-alcoholic beer and cider. We headed to the alcohol aisle – it was a little challenging to find as it was hidden behind a column.

We headed for the till and the girl scanned through all the items through – we got to the beer and the girl on the till, flicked her light for assistance (I used to work at the same supermarket and if you need to sell alcohol and you’re under 18 yourself you need verbal permission from someone over 18). While we were for the “till runner” my brother had joined the queue behind us and we were winding each other as usual (I even tried to steal his scotch eggs!).

The “till runner” arrived and asked what was up – the till girl asked that she needs permission for the sale of alcohol – me and The Wendy Lady look at each other like “huh? whats going on?”

The till runner and the girl on the till had a discussion about it – when it was pointed out that it wasn’t alcohol – so you shouldn’t need ID.

While they were chatting I checked my pockets – I didn’t have my ID, I was going to have to ask my younger brother to buy it if necessary – technically you don’t need ID but it wouldn’t be the first time it had changed.

Anyway so the till girl realised that she didn’t need ID and we were able to finish with the shopping.

As I was heading to Mum’s anyway I offered to take my brothers shopping with me so he didn’t have to carry it on his bike. (Seeing as he had two reasonably heavy bags I’m not quite sure on how he planned on managing it lol)

Me and The Giant then had a bit of a race (don’t worry I stuck to the speed limit on the way!) to get back to Mum’s. My brother won by the time it took for him to get off his bike!

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  1. JD says:

    I’m the Wendy Lady?
    I didn’t read this post before but I am now working through all the posts that you have tagged with JD.
    It’s exciting stuff having your own category 😉
    Pretty new layout btw x

    • Hannie says:

      I changed the category last night in fact – I have like 300 posts to re-categorise as they were just tagged as stuff to sort lol.

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