The One With Dot.Robot

So all this week while That Boy has been away I’ve been reading Dot.Robot by Jason Bradbury at any given opportunity – I nearly finished it last night but I decided I needed to sleep lol.

I finished it this morning and loved every second of it – I would write more of a proper review but any second now my Mum is going to pick me up to go to the venue for my G-dad’s Birthday party – I’m starting this morning by blowing up lots of balloons.

Here go my lungs lol.

Day: 19
Goals to go: 100
Started: 16
Completed: 5
Pages for Script Frenzy: 35 and a bit (not good – target is 56 – i need to write 20 pages in one weekend to catch up!!!!)


  1. Elle says:

    Gah I always hate blowing up balloons. Headache central!

    Dot.Robot looks interesting just from the cover so I’m going to check this one out. Good luck with catching up with your script! Do you think you’ll be able to catch up?

    • Hannie says:

      I’m hoping that I can. It would be a real shame not to finish it in April because I’m too lazy. If I was mega busy or anything like that I could see how I wouldn’t manage it.

      Some of the balloons were dodgy – had two semi blow up in my face 🙁 I think Grandad appreciated everything we’d done for him for his party so that was good anyway 🙂

      I even wore a dress!

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