The One With Life

Funny how life doesn’t live up to your plans.

You make plans and you know what you’re doing – or at least you think you do.

For the last few years my Great Grandma has had Alzheimer’s Disease. From what I’ve learnt it affects memory – and this has shown – as she’s got worse she’s forgotten me, my brother, and my cousins (her Great Grandkids), some days she couldn’t remember my Mum and my Grandma (Yup her own daughter).

Since Great Grandma’s birthday in October, she’s been quite poorly, she was admitted to hospital and then was discharged but placed into a different old peoples home (who could give her the medical care she needed)

Today was the Youth Nativity Service, it went really well and when we got home I had a text from my Mum, asking me to call her. Figured it was pretty important because I would have normally still been at church.

She asked about how the service went and stuff like that, then she told me – I told her a bit of a porky – she asked me was I okay and I wasn’t really I was welling up and wanted to cry then when I got of the phone I had about 4 or 5 tears and then was okay again – I guess I’ve been down today but not really teary – it’s kinda hard to explain.

As she didn’t really remember me I’d kinda already said goodbye in away – I know that her being in Heaven is almost the best place for her now. She’s with Jesus and she’s better and she’d not in pain and now she remembers me (ok the theology is questionable but you get my point)

So she’s gone. I went to my Mum’s on the way home from church this evening – I wanted to give her a hug and chat about stuff and kinda get it sorted in my brain almost. Apparently Great-Grandma gave her body to Scientific research so she’ll not have a funeral she’ll just have a memorial if Grandma wants to go ahead with that. I’ve only attended one funeral before (Grandma’s last year) so I guess I needed to tie up the dots and make sense of it.

I have to go to work tomorrow and Tuesday as normal because I am essentially holding the fort – Yup I am Customer Service – I’m going to need a lie down and a stiff drink after the concert me thinks!

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