The One With Secret Santa (No 2)

So after the excitement last week of my present arriving with Le’nise (her post about the Secret Santa can be found here) it was my turn. Yesterday when I got home from work there was a “Sorry You were Out” Card from the post man.
I tried to get to the Sorting Office yesterday but the queue was stupidly long – I was mega excited and stuff but then really irritated about waiting in the queue (Yup I think I am unBritish!). I had to turn round and get out of the queue because I needed to get into town and then get to JD’s before 5pm – it went horribly wrong and I didn’t make it properly and stuff like that. I was already irritated because I’d been home to wash my hair and found that we’d run out of gas again on our meter so we had no hot water – Yup we really do need to pay more attention to how much is left etc. (I went to three shops on my way home at 11pm and none of them did gas or were helpful enough to answer my question)

Anyway so back to the story. So yesterday and today my Manager and my Colleague are both out on holiday for different reasons etc. So I was running Customer Services pretty much on my own. So I asked The Big Cheese if I could take a lunch break – he was totally understanding and said yes that I could have a proper break (rather than 10 minutes to stand in the canteen queue to get a sandwich).

I went to the Sorting Office – I still don’t understand why they don’t have more than two normal spaces and one disabled bay when there is always more than 3 people in the reception. Anyway so a girl came to park after me and got annoyed at me for being in the way – it wasn’t my fault that I was waiting for a space and she felt like she needed the whole area to turn round in.

I eventually got in and handed my card over (was very excited as I realised what it was) and opened it on the way back to the car. I was floored by the gift – I guess that Amazon had an offer on or something because normally it wouldn’t have fitted in the price bracket for the Secret Santa.

I was so chuffed! I can’t believe it!

I have a little puzzle to work out what my Secret Santa’s Blog Address is but hopefully they will read this and make themselves known hehe.

Thank you Secret Santa – my present makes an appearance in this video…


  1. Rax "Santa" Lakhani says:

    Glad you liked it! Sorry to hear about the trouble you had in retrieving it from the Post Office though.

    Hope you had a top Christmas. Keep up the blogging in 2010…

    By the way, where do you put your wine, wine, wine?

    Why, in rax rax rax, of course!


    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I would have never guessed your URL! I tried rackrackrack but it didn’t like it – It never occured to me to lose ck for an x what a plonker lol.

      I haven’t had chance to start watching yet but I will soon – Thank you

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