NaBloPoMo: Day 1: The One With Lunch

Today at church, our band were playing again. Me and the Drummer were leading one of the songs and it went a little pearshaped in the rehearsal but when it came to leading it in church we knocked it out the park – there was a little hiccup when the drummer was speeding up but other than that it went really well.

Turned out that our Connect group is on teas and coffees during November but we weren’t reminded till about 2 minutes after the service so we had to rally the troops and get it together luckily enough there was milk left over from Chill @ The Church and the cups had been set up by the lady who did the food at the party yesterday. (Chill @ the Church will get a hold post to itself when I get round to it – it was that fab!!!)

Mrs W came to get a cuppa but the tea in the pot was kinda nasty because it was the dreggs at the bottom – so I grabbed a clean cup and tea bag and made her a cuppa especially rather than the dreggs from the tea pot – I think she thought it was a lot of fuss over nothing but I wanted to make her a special cup of tea.

After church we went for lunch with Mr C and Mrs C and the kids – it was good fun but Princess Nat had ants in her pants and wouldn’t sit down – at one point I said to Mrs C that she had kangaroos in there because she kept jumping up and down!

After that we headed to our friend’s house where CJ has been staying he wanted to go say hi as they’ve just got back from holiday but they weren’t there when we got there. I guess they were still on their way or something 😀

We headed to my parents and they were watching the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – they pointed out an amazing hotel there that has like an LED net across the majority of the building and it goes over the track – This is like an artist impression of the building

We then watched the end of Midsomer Murders – me and My Mum were trying to guess who did it cos it tends to be a little obvious – we kept asking who could have done it and who had the motive and opportunity and all those questions that the police and CSI’s tend to ask lol. We watch way too many crime shows.

Following that we watched Lie To Me – I really like this one because it’s all about microexpression and body language – I wonder if there is a real life Lightman Group??? hehe

We then headed back to church for the youth group, this evening was a bit tough – me and CJ had a falling out and I sat in the other room in the church building for most of the evening because I didn’t want to deal with being asked 50 questions about what was up and things like that.

After 24/7 I headed home and when I got home my brother and The Kiwi were watching Pulp Fiction so I hung out with them and watched the end of it (from the Bruce Willis scene – I’d forgotten how twisted Quentin Tarantino is lol). I’d also forgotten that Tim Roth makes an appearance in the First and Last scenes (basically the Diner scenes.)

Anyhoo that was kinda my Sunday 🙂

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