The One With The Karaoke

Earlier this evening, we had our Chill @ The Church event. It’s an alternative Halloween party and it’s open to Middle School students in our local area. It went really well this year.

I was on the X-Factor which is our karaoke section. It was good fun but I struggled with remembering to switch over the channels and selecting the right track numbers sometimes lol.

The girl who won sang “A Moment Like This” – I was all ready for it to be an almighty fail but she opened her mouth and it was amazing – it was a little rough around the edges but for a middle school student it was fab. Even when there was a little hiccup she didn’t freak out or giggle or anything like that she just kept going.

I gave her an envelope with her prize in and she went off with her friends and a few minutes later she came back to the karaoke desk and tapped me on the shoulder and said thank you with a massive grin across her face – it was awesome!!!

The leaders sang during the evening and we had a high speed karaoke sesh at the end before we all started probably packing up. Mr W and The Robster sang Song 2 by Blur and I sang 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton – I was supposed to sing with JD but she’d already left as she has a cold and if anything should have stayed home rather than coming to help this evening – although I was grateful for her help so I couldn’t really complain.

My Mum and Dad did an amazing job. CJ asked them for a lot of their time and these two ish weeks while we were moving out and staying here and stuff like that they have given up an amazing amount of time to help us out and achieve stuff. My Dad went and hired a van for us to move our stuff, and My Mum was there with me last Saturday cleaning the windows and the toilet and those kinda things you have to do before moving out of a rental property. My Mum and Dad have put me and The Kiwi up in their dining room while we get the house stuff sorted out. My Mum and Dad are amazing and fabulous. I love them to bits and unfortunately the words Thank You can never express how amazingly grateful i am to them for all the stuff they do for me and for CJ and for The Kiwi (who has become like an adopted sister – my Mum even referred to her as her “adopted Daughter” when she arrived “home” this afternoon).

Anyhoo I need to go to bed as I have to be up and getting ready for church in about 8 and a bit hours as I’m playing Bass in the band.

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