The One With My Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake 1
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When it came to my birthday party I decided that I wanted a proper cake. An individual cake that wasn’t like any store bought cake.

So I asked my friend Becca – she makes amazing cakes and desserts so she was the person to start with.

We discussed what I wanted and this was her creation – it’s amazing!!! I asked Becca for a plain sponge with some icing on it – it was Wednesday that we were talking about it and I wanted to pick it up Friday/Saturday (I had ran out of of week before I realised it lol), I was prepared that my sponge would literally be a basic Victoria Sponge with white icing but this is just awesome. It’s 3 layers of plain sponge with jam in the middle – it’s then got coloured icing in funky shapes.

What is most interesting is that years ago I painted a picture for That Boy to hang in his office now I don’t remember ever showing Becca either painting but look how similar they are in design.

Comission for Chris 1.jpg
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    • Hannie says:

      Well I could get one delivered but by the time I’ve posted it to you it might be squished and nasty lol. Maybe if I start saving pennies I could get a cake delivered by bike messenger or something lol.

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