An Update (101 Things in 1001 Days)

Each blog post has a little run down at the end of it, with a list of things that I am keeping track of. Some posts do have it missing for one reason or another. I decided that I needed to write a post that summarised where I was upto. At least for my sanity even if it annoys all of you.

2. Read 100 books (5/100)

Okay so on this one I am up to book 5 – two of these are in progress whereas 3 are completed I’m not sure how that one works lol.

8. Write a short story (0/3500)

I haven’t started this one but having realised that my 54 page script for Script Frenzy is nearly 15k long, I’m beginning to think that my word count is a little short – I might have to come back to it.

11. Watch 100 films (13/100)

Now this one is going a whole bunch easier. Every film that I see goes on this list and it’s getting longer. Okay so that sounds really dramatic – actually I am up to 14 now as I just watched Adam.

29. Send some fun mail to 5 friends. (1/5)

I sent a letter to my Penpal in the USA but I’m not sure if it got there or not. Hopefully they will let me know.

31. Watch at least 50% of the IMDB top 250 (61/125)

I’m getting there – I realised that I’d seen more than I thought I had especially as two Studio Ghibli films that I rented are both on there – They are under their Japanese titles which put me off at first!

34. Read the bible from start to finish (1/66 – tick off by book)

At the moment I’m up to Chapter 5 of Exodus – which in a way isn’t very far.

44. Complete Super Mario Wii
45. Fill a notebook with arty bits and pieces
46. Complete Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games

I haven’t played Nintendo Wii in about two weeks. I would have played Wii Fit a bit more but with my Asthma playing up, I’ve been waiting for it to calm down before doing anything crazy lol.

48. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet (9/26)

This is getting kinda hard – I’ve watched lots of new films but they start with the same letter lol.

50. Try 5 new foods (3/5)

So I haven’t done any more on this – or at least I’ve probably not taken note of it lol.

55. Read my bible 3 times a week (5/429)

This one is a bit of a strange one as I am sure that I have been reading it multiple times a week but not been recording it. Thats no good lol. I know that in this last week it’s been maybe 4 or 5 times rather than 3 so can I still add them?

62. Take vitamins and Echinacea each day (9/1001)

I went and read the instructions with the Echinacea and it says to take for 3 ish weeks and then take a break. So my idea of taking one a day doesn’t really work – and as I’ve been diagnosed with Asthma I have to remember to take my inhaler every day. So from now on it’s going to be  “62. Take vitamins and inhaler each day (/1001)” so I think that equals that I’ve managed to take them all in some combination each day.

70. Watch The West Wing (35/156 Episodes)

So I was bought The West Wing for my birthday last week. I started watching Season 1 but when we tidied up for the birthday party on Saturday it went walk abouts – I think it was packed away somewhere. So I moved onto season 2 – I’ve seen the whole of Season 1 and 2 semi recently anyway so it kinda counts?! I’m up to Episode 13 of Season 2 – this would work out at 35 episodes.

76. Schedule and complete 4 No Tech Day days a year (1 of which is the official day) (1/4)

So I’ve done the first one, I need to set dates for my next No Tech Days but I need to find weekends when I can cut out my computer/phone/tv use.

82. Host 5 swaps on Swap-Bot (1/5)

On this one I’m half way through the first of these swaps.

87. Keep a journal of my 101 and what I do for each.
98. Hug CJ once a day (at least!) (23/1001)

These two are both running ones that change daily over the period of 1001 days.

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  1. cardiogirl says:

    Hey don’t you find the Old Testament sooo bo-riiiing? I’ve tried maybe twice which doesn’t even qualify as trying but I couldn’t get past Jebediah son of David son of Elizah son of … blah blah.

    Now what I *should* do is start reading the New Testament. I might actually give that a try. What a lazy arse I am.

    p.s. Shame on me for not stopping by more often. Happy belated birthday — your cake is fantastic!

    • Hannie says:

      I’m only up to Exodus. The family tree bit is the beginning of Numbers – I bet if you skip that bit and carry on it gets better – I promise! Yeah start at the beginning of Matthew if you like – Christmas comes first lol.

      P.s. Not to worry if you’re answering all the comments on your blog and writing new posts I’m surprised you get to do anything else lol.

      Thank you for swinging past to comment 😀

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