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I made a new friend on Friday called Louise. Well at least I tweeted her and waiteThere is a company called Rabbit who launched a very cool project today called No Tech Day for their charity client Practical Action.

Practical Action are a charity who “use technology to fight poverty”, rather than just giving someone the food for today they helped that person to grow food for their families and the people in their community. They have a very cool water pump that is powered by the kids playing on the merry go round/turntable. You can see here for more details.

So until this morning I hadn’t heard of NoTechDay. On Friday Louise @ Rabbit was looking for some assistance and I tried to answer the call, unfortunately she was busy organising the team and stuff like that so I didn’t hear back from her till today.

So anyway, I think I hear you saying but whats this all got to do with you?


it got me thinking – how many times a day do I check my email, my facebook or my Twitter accounts, I come home and watch TV or write a blog post, how much electricity or battery power am I using with these activities. So Saturday 27th March I am giving up technology for the day.

So I am giving up the following:

This means that for about 24 hours (I say about because I’m at Mrs C’s on Friday and possibly over night so from the time that I get up on Saturday to the same time Sunday morning. I’m not allowed to use technology of the above descriptions.)

This means I am giving up the following:

My Raspberry

My iPod

My MacBook

My Car stereo – yes if I go out in the car I’ll be music-less

Our Nintendo Wii + DS


If you want more information you can find the NoTechDay website here. You can also tweet them @NoTechDay.

However I just realised that I have to get up before 10am on Saturday otherwise I’m going to have to stand in church with my eyes closed or something as the projector shows the words rather than having hymn books in church lol.


  1. Elle says:

    I don’t think I could do this; though, I guess, I do have days when I just read non-stop … hmmm, maybe I could, but it would be very hard. It’s a fab idea to highlight poverty this way. 🙂

    • Hannie says:

      Go you with the fast comment! I guess it’s one of those things if you put your mind to it then you can do it 🙂

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