The One With My Weekend

So originally my weekend post started with Friday  – then I realised quite how much I had written for Friday and that I may need to start a whole new post for Saturday and Sunday.

I got up Friday and felt awful. I got up at about 8ish absolutely baking there was no way I would be able to go to sleep unless my temperature knocked me out instead. I went downstairs and curled up on the sofa – at least it was colder down here and with a jumper over my head I might be able to sleep some more. Well unfortunately I didn’t sleep any more. I hung out and played DS for about four hours! My head had begun to hurt and so on and off I’d attempted to sleep but it wasn’t working.

When CJ went to work at 12pm I decided I’d give sleeping in bed a shot – maybe my brain would realised that I was in bed and that meant that I could sleep. Well it did the trick – I woke up about 2ish and The Kiwi was home from work and offering me a bacon sandwich (I swear  she is my super hero/mind reader some days!). I decided that I’d get dressed and come downstairs again – I didn’t want to be in bed all weekend and somehow curled up on the sofa was a little more dignified lol.

So armed with my bacon sandwich, a box of tissues, and various other items I curled up on the sofa and played more DS – yes I think I am actually addicted to the game! I played for about 2 or 3 hours and then The Stig and The Kiwi came downstairs to watch Evolution. I think there was a war started at this point – I have a photo of my brother with The Kiwi in a headlock and he’s sat on her or on the floor next to her head – I would post it but my brother looks positively evil lol.

Although I was ill and felt pants I had a seriously good time – watching my brother and The Kiwi try to beat each other up was quite funny especially when The Stig tried to give The Kiwi a “wet willy” (Don’t panic nothing rude! Urban Dictionary says “A wet willy is to lick/spit on your finger creep up to an unsuspecting person and put your finger in their ear while turning it around”) Okay so The Kiwi wasn’t unsuspecting and I’m sure she was aware that it was probably going to happen as my brother knows that it gets the best reaction (something verging on a squeal!!) I was then told off for not sticking up for either party – I was encouraging from my seat across the room!

At some point in the proceedings CJ arrives home from work and he’s a man on a mission, he brings me  some cold relief and then disappears into the kitchen – he cooks up the loveliest Spag Bol I’ve had in ages along with Garlic bread – there was alot and I think I must have ate a stick on my own (think maybe 9 slices at about an inch thick – yes people I am a small elephant really!)

I’ve had a little mind blank at this point and can’t remember what I did for the rest of the evening – I know that there was a lot of Super Mario being played both by me and CJ but I can’t really have played like 4 hours of it – could I?


Although I missed band practice on Thursday, the worship leader wanted me to play anyway – I knew the songs the only one that was a little challenging was To God Be The Glory – which fortunately I knew anyway. I made sure I took some cold relief with me and at one point was sat in the middle of the stage with my mug trying to down a rather warm drink without stopping so that we could get on with the rehearsal lol. Church was okay but I left pretty quickly after as CJ hadn’t been very well this morning.

This afternoon I watched the whole of Julie and Julia again – I loved it just as much as the first time – however I didn’t have the urge to cook this time hehe.

If you’re like me and you are running of to google Julie Powell – her original blog is here and her new post-Julie/Julia project blog is here (And she was on Rachael Ray’s show!).

I keep wondering about whether I could do a project like that but then again I don’t have the patience to cook all those recipes – come to think of it I don’t have the Julia Childs book – however I do have The Joy of Cooking (thats a whole different story to how I ended up with an American cookbook and why I think it’s better than my english ones lol)

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