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So towards the end of last week I was beginning to feel it – I needed my bed and some cold relief desperately!

I finished work on Friday and ideally should have come home to die (Yes fellow blog readers I was sick AGAIN!!!). I was due to be stewarding at an event called A Passion For Life: Real Lives. I decided that I’d go to my Mum’s as planned, dose up on Paracetamol and fight my way through after all it was the last night and it was due to be a good one. On my way to Mum’s I nipped into the supermarket to look at the DS games (I was given a DS for my birthday I think two years ago and since about 3 months after my birthday my Mum and Brother have adopted it – I decided if I got a good game for it then I could adopt it back – just in time for my 24th in a few weeks).

I decided to buy Mario and Sonic at The Winter Olympics and then turned round to see that Julie and Julia is now out on DVD – I loved this film when it came out and wrote a whole post about it and my cooking adventures.

So I get to Mum’s and we tuck into Lasagne for tea – yummy! (Yes I need to learn how to cook Lasagne too hehe) It turns out that CJ was let down my his camera team for the evening and he needed some assistants – so I ended up doing that rather than stewarding – which was kinda good because to a certain degree I wanted to curl up in a corner lol.

The evening all in all was good but I struggled with the camera work because it takes so much concentration and it wasn’t like it was scripted or anything like that.

Richard Coekin was host and he interviewed Jo Gambi, Diane-Louise Jordan and John Mosey.

Jo Gambi

Jo and her husband Rob completed the Seven Summits and have done expeditions to the North and South Poles. The Seven Summits are the highest peak on each continent. Thats Mt McKinley (North America), Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Vinson (Antartica), Kosciuszko (Australia), Everest (Asia) and Elbrus (Europe).

Not just that her husband Rob has fought his way through two bouts of Cancer. (The adventures took place after the second bout)

Diane-Louise Jordan

I grew up on Blue Peter (when Diane left Blue Peter in 1996 I was 9 years old so it was a staple of my TV viewing lol).

Diane was the fourth longest-serving female presenter of Blue Peter and she was presenting around the same time as John Leslie and Anthea Turner. She now is one of the regular presenters on Songs of Praise. I got to meet her and chat to her after the show and she’s so lovely and friendly – there was a girl in front of me in the queue and Diane listened intently to her and chatted to this girl who was maybe about 10 or 11.

John Mosey

This gentleman was so lovely, Zoza, Switch, Me and their friend chatted to John after the show – he was really friendly and chatted to us about what we did (those three are students – that made me feel old hehe). He was interviewed by Richard about his daughter and about his faith. His daughter was on the Pan Am 103 flight (You might not know it by the flight number but it is also referred to as the Lockerbie Bombing). Richard asked him about whether his faith was affected by the fact he lost his daughter in such away. It was really sad in a way listening to him about the trauma he went through, he was interviewed by news crews and things like that in the days following the bombing in 1988 (I was 2 years old so I have no memory of it myself but I have read about it over the years).

Having dosed up on Paracetamol and generally was feeling rough as, I am glad that I still went (and if you are my friend on FB you’ll see that I’ve posted a picture of me and Diane – as taken by her husband on my husbands phone hehe).

I also made a new friend who I am about to email to say hi. Hopefully it won’t be too weird lol.

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