The One With Shopping Sites


Wikio is a news portal with a search engine that looks at blogs and other media sites. You can use it to search through news and blog feeds, you can use it to search videos and now you can also use it as a price comparison site. 

Earlier I had emailed my brother about what games he was looking for at the moment for his XBox 360. He gave me the titles of two games that he was looking for. I decided I would use these for this test.

The first is Bioshock 2 on XBox 360 and the second is Dante's Inferno for XBox 360.
Google returned the following:
Bioshock 2 – over 900 hits majority of the first two pages were strategy guides. The first copy of the game I found was half way down the second page and that was after narrowing the price to £15-90.
Dante's Inferno: This time there was 65 results the first copy of the full game was the fifth item to come up on the first page.
Wikio Shopping returned the following:
Bioshock 2 – 11 prices ranging from £16 to £64, various sites including and Amazon Marketplace
Dante's Inferno – 3 prices from £31.99 to £37.93
My Opinion
The Wikio Shopping site is easy to find your way round and find price comparion on items. Wikio has got it, it came up with what I was looking for without having to go back and edit my search terms – I was able to find a range of prices that looked at different sites. It even offers reviews, user opinions, forums, and photos and videos of the product. I might come back and use it again. 
For the above items I found by using the search box. I also used the categories section to find the prices for an Apple iPhone; each window you visit cuts your choices down into different categories and after about 3 choices I had the following page in front of me. The site is clear and easy to understand and you can find what you are looking for without too much effort. 
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