The One With The Birds

Don’t worry it’s not a reference to The Birds (Directed by Alfred Hitchcock) or For The Birds (Short film by Pixar).

When I lived at home with my Mum and Dad, over the winter me and Dad would go out to the shed and refill the bird feeders. I kinda got that it was important but never got that bit lol. I’d see the birds fly in and out of the garden and got especially excited when we had a bird lay it’s eggs and care for it’s young in the bird box that me and Dad had put up.

The bird box is still there and although my Dad now does the bird feeders on his own at his house. He taught me well lol. When we moved to our new rental property in June my Dad bought me two bird feeders and seeds and nuts to go in the relevant ones.

I brought them with me to the new house and set them up. Unfortunately with the bad weather (Snow etc before Christmas) and how cold it had been the seeds in one of the feeders had frozen and the defrosted and had gone mouldy – we worked this out by the fact that the birds had gone.

I went out and cleared it out a few weeks ago and refilled it – CJ came running upstairs a little while ago to tell me how many birds were actually outside eating from the feeder.

My Dad says that Wiggly Wigglers is a good place for all things bird food and feeder related. They also sell these worms called Meal Worms and they arrive and they are live. Yep I am serious – live worms sent in the mail. Apparently they are safe to feed to birds and the mini ones are good for feeding to fledglings.

When my Dad gets some he winds my Mum up by chasing her round the house with the worms because they creep her out! (You know on Croc Diaries when Steve Irwin would pick up the snakes and things like that – my Mum would be squirming in her chair!)

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