The One with The Update

So I’ve been a bit of a rubbish blogger recently but I do have updates to share with you all and they are exciting!!!

So I’ve added the links on the right hand side and rearranged stuff so it looks fabulous!

I have links to some blogs:

I’m also working on Twitter, Facebook and RSS buttons so that forming links with me or with other readers is easier. If you have a button like these and think that I should have yours on my side bar – send it to me and explain why hehe.

Little Chief Honeybee IRL goes by the name Kaelah (which I love it’s such a cool spelling! And it’s Hebrew like Hannah is!). She has amazing tattoos – if you wanna watch her explain about her tattoos you can see her video here. I don’t think I’d ever go this crazy. (Okay don’t freak I’m not going to have a tattoo) If I did it would be something simple like this and even then I’d have to careful about when I got it done as I wouldn’t be able to give blood for like 6 months (And if they get round to it I won’t be able to give a bone marrow donation for it’s either 6 months or a year)

Next up is Katie. She’s is a fab designer that I think I found through her Etsy page or I found her blog then found her Etsy page. Anyhoo she is fab! I bought a bag from her last summer and bought the Shopaholic’s Christmas present from her. (HINT: when it comes to my birthday you can’t go wrong with a Katie creation! hehe)

The Dainty Squid is also called Kaylah. I found her blog through Kaelah’s blog (yup just to confuse you lol). I love the funky pictures that she posts and the lessons she gives about dying hair – in one picture she has pink hair and in another she has like tangerine orange hair and it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! If I worked on my own and set my own rules etc I’d so do something crazy like the pink hair but I work in an office and the CEO’s brother or someone like that is here in two weeks so if I do dye my hair any time soon it’s gotta be a semi natural colour lol. I’m thinking of going red again rather than black but I’m not sure. Again she is a crafting lady, she also has a shop on Etsy

As I sit here Chris is lying in the middle of the living room floor making some crazy circle patterns for my new design – I’m so excited!

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