The One With The Citrus Fruit

So yesterday was the harvest supper and today I went to set up the harvest table with Mum and Grandad amongst other people at Mum’s Church.

I helped Mum with organising the flowers while Grandad and the others put out the vegetables and other bits on the table.

After helping there we came back to Mums via her friends house. I stood in the post office talking Jules before heading through to the house (Mum’s friend was mid flow lol)

We came home and started on the marmalade. Chopping up the oranges was a little challenging but kinda fun making all that mess lol.

While that was (and is) cooking away we made lemon curd – it was really easy actually. See the pictures 🙂

EDIT: Sorry about the massive photos before! They’ve been shrunk now.

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