The One with The Woolie Hats and Smoothies


The fab people at innocent are doing it again!!! Lots of people up and down the country are busy knitting little woolie hats to sell with the Innocent Smoothies in the Supermarkets (I think specifically one particular UK supermarket)

I love these and in past years I’ve collected various different ones. I had applied for a job with Innocent but I didn’t get it 🙁 On the bottom of the email was a link to get involved with The Big Knit and so I thought I’d plug it.

The idea is that it helps raise money for Help The Aged to help keep old people warm this winter. (There’s a scary figure out there about how many oldies get poorly or pass away because of the lack of heating – some oldies don’t turn their heating on because it’s too expensive and stuff like that.)

If you want to knit some hats the Beginners pattern can be found here and you can find more information about The Big Knit here.

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  1. cardiogirl says:

    It really is terrible that some folks struggle to pay for heating or for air conditioning in the summer months. It seems like there are always some people who die from heat stroke during in the summer for that very reason. It’s too expensive to run a fan or the air conditioning, if they even have it.

    This sounds like a great cause. Good luck!

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