The One With The Lack of Ideas

Hello lovely blog readers.

Okay so between Macbook issues (broken charger + nearest store = MK) and the inability of knowing what to write about, I’ve been a rubbish blogger and not written – or at least not written here.

I need a eureka moment like Julie Powell (from Julie and Julia) deciding that she can cook and blog about her exploits while working in her cubicle (I feel like that bit “do you have any real power?” “No I don’t”)

But then I think about what if I do have power I just have the wrong lamps. Okay so if you put a 40w lamp in a 100w fitting you get a rubbish tiny glow rather than the big bright glow when you put a 100w lamp in.

So I need my eureka moment, my 100w bulb!

And I need your help Ms or Mr reader I need your suggestions about how I find this moment or bulb.

Gtg sleep is required.

Han over and out.

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