The One With The Plan…

Near JD’s flat there are various new retail units that were part of the development near her flat, we went to see It’s Complicated yesterday and Meryl Streep’s character called Jane works in a her own bakery. Okay so here’s where it gets silly. I parked the car outside her flat to drop her off and we were sat outside one of the units and I as a joke say something about running our own bakery (in the unit next door that has a door and then smaller windows the rest of the width of the shop. JD then points to the one next door continuing my “joke” and points to the unit next door – “Well why not that one?” or something like that she says. Me and JD are microwave girls – okay we can use an oven when needed but instant is our middle name lol. I can do cakes but they are more often or not, burnt. So why am I writing a post about a conversation that I had yesterday with JD. Well that’s the thing no matter how much I try and think of something else and get on with other things my brain keeps coming back to it. How much is rent on the unit? Could we do it seeing as there is a coffee shop the other side of the building and an Indian restaurant down a few doors? It’s just off the high street and kinda tucked away – what would we do that would make us different? (When I did GCSE Business Studies I spend ages – or what seemed like ages – decided on business plans and how I’d run my little one. You had to come up with Profit and Loss and forecasts and stuff like that) Anyway so why does this crazy idea keep coming back?? Why can’t it go away lol, It’s only been about 24 hours so maybe it’ll go by tomorrow then again we just keep coming up with more ideas to do with it.

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  1. Robert Joy says:

    You know, I have the same thing happening to me all the time. I’ve thought of just opening a small place and selling hot dogs. I’d do my art and sell hot dogs on a bun and that would be it. But one thing very important would be that I own the whole business. I couldn’t think of owing some rent every month and praying to make enough sales to do it.
    Keep the dream alive and save your money
    Then go do it…. Bobberdilly

  2. Becca says:

    Does it hurt to investigate?
    Looking into it doesn’t mean committing to anything hon! I read a book once, called Bookends, and the women in that opened a cafe/bookshop… that always appealed to me!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      No I don’t think it does hurt to investigate.

      I’m in the process of practicising baking on my housemate and on CJ. Only problem is we have a birthday cake and Christmas Cake still to get through!

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