The One With The Politics

So I can’t say I am really into politics. I would like to be able to say that because my best friend and Goddaughter are related to a local politician that automatically gave me an interest in politics – okay so I don’t think it gave me a complete interest but it definitely increased it. Yes okay so maybe a small smidgen of politics is interesting.

I can’t say I follow one party or the other – there are some specifically Labour people on my Twitter list, and I also follow a Conservative group – because at the moment I am interested.

Yes I am interested at this moment in time. The fact that I am here blogging about it in the first place obviously proves something little.

Sir Christopher Kelly is about to hand in his final recommendations after doing a review of the expenses system after all the issues there has been recently.

Last week the telegraph disclsoed some details including that MPs are going to be barred from employing their spouses or relatives.

Eve Burt, who is married to Alistair Burt who is the MP for part of Bedfordshire (I can never remember where the line is drawn – I just remember that he’s not MP for my area. (I went and googled it – He’s the MP for North Bedfordshire)

Anyway so she’s made lots of appearances this week including Newsnight, BBC and even the Tehran Times. As I write this – there’s been a mention of her on Have I Got News for You (Albeit misquoted)

Anyway back to the point – if she’s working hard and doing her job – why should she risk getting sacked because of who she’s married to? Would that not be classed as unfair dismissal or am I on the wrong end of the stick?

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