The One with The Prophesy

So following 24/7 this evening we had our tea thing. While I was on head cook duty I ended up playing first aider as two of our lads were messing about and one of them fell over and caught his head on the floor. He was a little dopey but he was awake and was responsive so I think he was ok just that it was hurting lots. (I know I get dopey when I have migraines.) He had perked up again once the initial pain wore off so I think he was okay in the end.

Anyway so ages ago, I was asked if I would run the bookstand for the evening – I didn’t mind as long as I was given the relevant information to get it right etc.

I manned the bookstand at the beginning of the service and stayed there till Pastor Mow Mow gave out the notices then me and Rikster went and parked ourselves on the front row of the church where we’d been saved seats.

I loved the worship songs this evening at the service which was like 95% worship songs so I guess it was like a praise party! The musicians were Wayne Drain and Noel Richards who are both worship leaders and song writers. The majority were ones that I knew and could dance, sing, clap or play tambourine along to. (I ended up playing tambourine along to He Has Risen. (The link should take you to a video from 1997 when the song was played at Wembley Arena!)

About two or three songs from the end there was a little break where Wayne read out some prophesies that he’d been given earlier in the day.

I’ve been to bible weeks and concerts and stuff like that before and had the “I feel God is telling me that there is someone over there” or “That lad over there in the green top…” but I was a little gobsmacked at this evenings one.

So Wayne gives his little intro and then flips over the page on his note pad.

The first one was for..ME! EEEK! and this is what was said:

It’s an exciting yet an anxious time for you. Several possible directions to go, not sure of the good options – which one is best.

Remember the Lord said be anxious for nothing, but cast any anxieties on the Lord because he cares for you.

The road you are to take will be found in peace, not anxiety.

I see you walking on a university campus and you are smiling. Part of your journey will pass through academic settings. Don’t be anxious. Don’t be afraid. The Holy Spirit will lead you.

As you can imagine, I was thrown completely! It was so spot on it was scary! I’ve been considering the whole going back to university thing but with everything else happening both with me and CJ, living arrangements and work stuff my mind had kinda been changed and was going to stay in work for this year and save like it’s going out of fashion lol!

Anyhoo so I think there needs to be some serious praying and talking to people at church. Seeing as the fact that I’d only met Wayne for about 5 minutes to set up the bookstand I think this is¬†definitely¬†from God lol.


  1. wove53 says:

    God will always confirm to u if the prophetic word is from HIM.You will know because u are the one HE is speaking too!P.S. If u do not think anything that has been prophesied to u is for u,” just put it up on a shelf” for a later time. If it is really from GOD u will remember that word when it comes to pass!LOL

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