The One to Fill up My Sunday!

Today was a little manic so my reaction was a little bit more emotional than it could have been also the fact that so much was crammed in I’ve had to split Sunday into two posts lol.

Firstly I woke up late. I was supposed to have been at church at 9:15am and at 9:50am Chris called me to ask where I was. I got dressed as fast as I could and got myself to church. I was there in time to run through like one or two songs and then it was time to pray followed by the service. The preach today was on the book of Jude. You can catch the podcast on the church website. The preacher today was Pastor Mow Mow and the preach rocked (Although I might need to read over my notes again while listening to the podcast lol).

We were on teas and coffees for the last time this morning, Kewey and Dan the Man arrived and after church we went out for lunch with David and Joy and the kids (Princess Nat thought it was awesome to have me, CJ, Kewey and Dan the Man for the afternoon).

After lunch me and CJ headed back to church, CJ realised that he was missing some bits and if I was feeling generous and would run a couple of errands for him.

CJ had encouraged the youth group to bring an item of food to share with the group (for example I brought pizzas and then CJ was supposed to make a cake but for one or another reason he didn’t make it) so I ended up going to the supermarket and getting a cake (Victoria Sandwich btw!)

So I got back to church and then was Youth leader for the afternoon it was a real struggle this afternoon as everyone was kinda hyper and a bit crazy also Lambkin had to come to 24/7 because of Mrs Mow Mow needing to be there. It was cool though cos I felt kinda important! lol.

(Part Two to arrive)

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