The One With The Trip to Paris (Part 1)

I started writing this post on my phone yesterday then started editing this morning but got distracted lol. This is Part One that takes us up to booking in to the hotel.

So the morning started just before 6 – my alarm had been set for around 5:45am – it was so easy to roll over and doze off again. The doorbell rang and I realised that it was 6:15 ish. We were supposed to be on a train from Bedford to London at about 6:45am. Oh well – I thought there was enough time but That Boy was getting up tight and irritated lol.

We made it in time and got on the train for London – nice and simple. We got to St Pancras and we had time to spare before our Eurostar train was due to depart for Paris. I went into one of the stationary stores to grab a Moleskine Journal (You know the city guide one – I see them everytime I go to London but never get one because of the price tag – I decided it was a “Holiday Treat” lol).

That Boy had made a deal about me updating my iPod, apparently I wasn’t going to need it, well we got to the actual tunnel and he was asleep. I spent the journey reading, listening to music and writing.

Our Arrival at Paris Gare du Nord

Paris Gare du Nord

We arrived at Gare Du Nord around Midday. Chris wanted to find the Metro station first but I said we should get tickets first. We took Chris’s plan first and headed for Metro Line 2. We got about half along the station and there was a barrier. So we had to head back to the Eurostar bit and then follow the signs to the ticket desk to be able to fit our Metro pass.

We stood in the queue and joked about whether I would ask in French or not. Well, I did – and I didn’t mix in English words too.

Me: “Bonjour, je voudrais deux billets Paris Visite”
Ticket Guy: “Oui”
Me: “Pour deux jours, s’I’ll vous plait”
Ticket Guy: “Oui” clicks buttons and bits “vingt neuf, quarante”
*exchange of money and tickets*

We move away from the counter and That Boy comments. It was positive but I can’t remember it properly (Something along the lines of “For someone who doesn’t speak French, you just did really well!)

Yeah okay haha so funny. Actually it wasn’t a joke he was serious.

La Chapelle, Ligne 2 Paris

So on our second attempt we headed for the Metro again.
We had to catch the Line 2 (they have numbers rather than names like the Underground) towards Porte Dauphine. We were getting off at Charles De Gaulle Etoile station. Little did we know till we exited the metro that we’d get this sight.

The Arc du Triomphe, Paris

Time to Find the Hotel

We knew the hotel was close but we didn’t realise how close – we walked down to the Arc de Triomphe and then turned off into Avenue Marceau. Our hotel was around half way along the street. We had a first floor room with a large window in the room (we stood with the windows open looking up and down the street.


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