The One With The Trip to Paris (Part 2)

Part One was here.

After booking in at the hotel we abandoned our stuff and headed off for a wander. We started with the main place I wanted to visit. This thing:

I think it was one of those things – I would know that I’d been to Paris when I stood under the Eiffel Tower. One day I will make it to the top but at the moment there are alot of maintenance works going on and only one leg is open for trips. We stood and watched some street dancers who were really good, That Boy was very complimentary of their performance style – whereas I just stood and watched – Also took some video which is on my Flickr photostream.

Not sure what inspired the next one but I think I just asked That Boy where it was and he looked it up on a special app he’d downloaded and that was that we wandered around to find the replica of the Statue of Liberty. That Boy went to New York when he was younger so he’d seen the real statue. The replica sits on Île des Cygnes (Swan Island). Unfortunately because the Island was closed for maintenance, we weren’t able to get at the closest end – we started walking up towards the other end but we couldn’t get there. There was a distinct lack of signage and things like that to direct you to the statue – maybe it’s overshadowed by the tourist bits around it lol.

From here we wandered to Champs des Mars and caught the metro to St Michel La Notre Dame. Having seen the Notre Dame de Strasbourg I wasn’t too excited about it tbh lol. Again it was really busy – the sun was out and so there were lots of tourists, there was also a fair or something like that so there were extra people there.

Arc du Triomphe

We then caught the metro and headed to the Louvre, as we got out of the station we decided we were going to grab a drink. That Boy had seen a Maccy D’s sign in the metro so while I stood at the exit taking pictures of the Museum, That Boy nipped back down the stairs to take a look at the location, we then headed to Maccy D’s and grabbed a drink. We then wandered up the street and sat in the gardens outside the Lourve, there were lots of young people hanging out. There was a group of scouts running past and some of the young people were shouting “Allee Allee” (Which I think is Go Go – I think there was also something resembling faster faster lol)

After a little while we walked closer to the Grande Pyramidee so that I could take photos. We then headed back to the hotel to get changed for dinner.

I would love to carry on writing about the trip but I really need to go to bed now as I have work tomorrow – I’m not sure whether I will be staying or whether I’ll be sent home again (My breathing still isn’t great and I am still coughing but after the weekend I at least need to try).

Day: 42
Goals to go: 88
Started/In Progress: 17
Completed: 13


  1. Ally says:

    Sounds like you had a good time 🙂 I’m not completely sure, but I thought that the Liberty Statues are the other way around – the one in New York is a present from the French which I seem to remember from A-level – but maybe you’re right and when they gave the statue away they wanted their own one too!

    Also on your other post you said about the tickets you got for going on the metro. I guess it depends on how much travelling you’re doing but when I’ve been to Paris before I get some carnets de tickets (roughly pronounced carnay de tickay) which is 10 tickets for the price of about 5 – and you just use one ticket per journey wherever you go on the metro – something you might want to think about if you go back some time 🙂

    If you do go back you may enjoy a visit to La Défense – it’s a bit like Canary Wharf. David and I have pictures of it somewhere if you want to see 🙂 Also just make sure your other half doesn’t get asked a question by a native so he just hands them over to you as happened to me at Charles de Gaulle Metro station!!

    • Hannie says:

      From what I understand France gave The Statue of Liberty to the USA to celebrate the Bicentennial of Independence. Then some how the French ended up with this replica on Ile Des Cygnes (And another three of varying sizes it would seem – talk about greedy lol)

      Yeah our Visite Paris was a bit more but we didn’t have to worry about how many times we used it over the weekend (a bit like a Tube Card for London). It was the first time I went on the Metro. If we go again I’ll look at prices and stuff and see if it’s cheaper and stuff 😀

      Ah ha! We did go to La Défense, I hadn’t got that far in the story hehe. Yeah I agree about it being like Canary Wharf – it was Sunday and there were people in suits getting off the Metro at that point lol. Hehe, a guy in Montmartre asked me a question but I was half way through taking my inhaler so was holding my breathe and I bet I came across really rude lol.

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