The Ordinary Moments #1

The Ordinary Moments

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to write about. What did I do this week that people out there in the world might find interesting. I guess that’s part of the challenge. So this is about focusing on those other moments, the ordinary moments, those moments to anyone else would look boring but to me they aren’t.

This week started on a disrupted note. Our Sidekick went to a Parkour event over in Milton Keynes at the gym and it finished at 7am, in order to get us all back from church. He really wanted to catch the bus back with his friends but the first bus gets into Bedford just after 9:30 so that would make him late for church.

I guess we thought the craziness would pass Jaxon by as he could sleep in the car. It didn’t entirely work like that and he ended up napping in the evening while we watched Call The Midwife (Actually I ended up napping too! I missed a chunk of the storyline!)

Yesterday Jaxon was up with the larks after the disruption on Sunday but this morning was back to his snuggly self. He woke up for his feed just before 8am and fell asleep next to me. I love the random little snoring noises he makes. There’s a whole symphony of noises. He doesn’t quite chatter but he does make some funny little noises in his sleep that make my heart sing.