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Pretty Little Liars (Season 5 – caught up to the episodes that are currently being shown in the US)
Death in Paradise (Series 2)
Life Unexpected (Season 1 – What is it with me and shows that got cancelled after one season?!)

Notes from phone calls, Business card instructions (or at least measurements), random interesting emails.

The audio track from the amount of TV I’ve been watching while working on different things. As I write this blog post I’ve got Life Unexpected playing in the background (well I did – Chris has just come downstairs and is discussing what we’re going to do to get our house in order).

Been crocheting my fingers off still but actually managed to get some more of the big Project Life journal I have done. Although my layouts are all in 12×12 layouts I’m looking for a smaller book if they do one. The local Hobbycraft only holds the 12×12 in stock and I don’t even know if I can order a smaller one through them – Might require some searching online or speaking nicely to my US penpals and see if one of them can send me it…

Business bits are still happening I’m guessing it’s one of those things that will keep going while I get settled or at least stable even if not settled!

The Marriage Course. Chris and I have been really blessed by a friend of ours. He’s giving up his evening to come and babysit the boys for us so that we can do the Marriage Course at church (it’s written by the same church who wrote the Alpha Course and Parenting Course material). Whenever I tell my friends that we’re doing The Marriage Course they instantly thing it’s the same as Marriage Prep stuff that we did before we got married or that it’s therapy because we have issues. I like to think of it as Car Maintenance for Marriage. You know how you take your car to the garage once a year or so to have it serviced and an MOT. Well The Marriage Course is a bit like that, you learn techniques to try and sort out the issues and make sure you have time together. We’ve been really rubbish in making sure that we have a date night. Thankfully going out of the house for the Marriage Course has made sure that we have that slot together and then we are fortunate enough to have my parents local and Jaxon’s godmother who will help us out with babysitting Jaxon when needed.


    • Hannah says:

      It is really good and has given us the kick up the bum to make sure that we have a date night or if we grab it over a Sunday lunch time then it’s just us and not with the boys too. Sometimes it doesn’t work and other times it goes smoothly and works really well.

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