Things I’m Grateful For…(BEDIA)

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

Time with Our Sidekick it’s the school holidays at the moment and Our Sidekick has been off for the best part of two months if not it must be nearly three. We’ve spent some of this week hanging out and watching Heroes and on one occasion we watched Pretty Little Liars which has been good for us to hang out.

Our Sidekick this week he stepped up and babysat Jaxon so Chris and I could have a date night together without the boys. My parents were on standby at their house just in case he needed advice or help but Jaxon was a superstar and didn’t wake up until we got home so Our Sidekick pretty much got the evening to himself. Then this evenings I rang him to say I was walking home with Jaxon but could he come meet us as I was struggling to carry Jaxon as he’d been in my arms got about half an hour and the carriers were locked in boot (see below for what happened!). He came and met me then carried Jaxon all the way home even when Chris caught back up with us in the car. 

Grandad My Grandad is such a superstar. Earlier this evening I was really dumb. We’d been in the supermarket and when we came out I opened the boot, put down the car keys. Loaded the car and shut the boot. Where were the car keys…? In the boot! I rang Grandad and asked could he come rescue us. I felt so stupid for doing it. Chris was asking me questions but also normally I put Jaxon in the car first before unloading the trolley or the buggy. With Chris occupying Jaxon I think it threw me and I just didn’t realise what I had done. 

Two Strangers Actually in the end like five people stopped to offer advice but there were two guys who gave up their time to stay and help us. They’d stopped on their way into the store and were like “we’re going to get our shopping but if you’re still here on the way out we’ll see if we can help”. Well clearly four brains is what it needed. They were both removal men and had been at a job so had their “kit” with them. They went and got a selection of bits from their van and came back to the car. They all worked together and managed to get the car open. Superstars!!

My Parents they are just super helpful. Whether it’s printing bits off for us or looking after Jaxon they are just amazing and I’m super grateful. 

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