Chris turns 30 (BEDIA)

Chris's Birthday

This isn’t quite the same picture that I posted on FB yesterday and also it’s quite Jaxon heavy (oops!). Yesterday was Chris’s 30th Birthday so he had the day off work and we spent the day as a family. Even Our Sidekick had made sure that he had the day clear and was prepared to hang out with Chris which was really sweet of him. (I guess it helped that his girlfriend was here today and not yesterday lol).

A couple of birthdays ago Chris commented that the he was sad that nothing had been organised, so I was determined to fix that. He’d already had his party so that was already counting towards it. I nipped into the supermarket and grabbed some balloons, a banner and a massive badge. Our Sidekick was so good. Chris was pottering around doing stuff so I grabbed Our Sidekick and was like “this is the plan and this is how we’re going to do it. It’s all here and we’ll do it when Chris goes to bed before I go to bed”. Chris went upstairs and I finished up downstairs and started on the balloons. Jaxon woke up for a feed so I ran upstairs and sorted him, then I made some excuse to Chris that I needed to go back downstairs, so charged back down the stairs and got on with blowing up the balloons and tidied up Jaxon’s toys. We blew up 30 balloons and I blue tacked the banner out in the hallway as it was about the only place I could do it. The funniest moment was when I was trying to blow up the balloon and something happened but all the air blew back into my face and it made the biggest raspberry noise which made us blow laugh hysterically but had to laugh quietly at the same time.

We started Chris’s birthday with the one present that had to be opened first. It was the badge which I guess isn’t entirely a present but had to be done. He was off to breakfast with our friend Simon who is also one of Jaxon’s Godparents. They headed off for breakfast and Jaxon and I did our normal breakfast sort of routine. While I tidied the kitchen Chris’s Dad rang to wish him Happy Birthday but Chris was out so I asked him to call back.

I decided that we’d try and keep Jaxon’s routine even if the day wasn’t entirely normal, like a lot of us he functions better when he’s had his proper amount of sleep. I took him upstairs, changed him, gave him a feed and put him down for a nap. Well within about ten minutes, Chris had arrived home.

Once Chris was home we got Jaxon up again as he wasn’t settling. Chris opened his birthday presents. He was given money by a few people as he’s saving up for a Pebble Time. He was also given gift vouchers for different shops.

Once presents were opened and I had written a list of thank you notes he needs to write, we got ourselves all organised and loaded into the car. Chris had decided that we were going to explore the shops in Wellingborough. I had packed some of my crochet to do in the car but then I ended up driving us to Wellingborough.

We parked the car at Swangate (free parking oh yeah!) and then wandered round the shops. Chris had a look in a couple of shops for his Pebble but they only had the original one rather than the Time which is the one that he’d like. I went into Colemans and got a couple of pens. I am loving the Pentel Energel pens at the moment – they are really lovely to write with (Even though my notes for this post were scratched out in a biro that I found while feeding Jaxon lol).

We grabbed lunch at the local supermarket. I was trying to choose wisely but there definitely was a lack of choices. I picked Hunter’s Chicken Stack thing in the end with chips – I know terrible! But I’ll touch more on that on Sunday for SW Sunday. I had tried to order Macaroni Cheese for Jaxon as it would be easier for him to handle (and for us to feed him) they were out of it though so we changed to Spaghetti Bolognese except it was almost one lump of spaghetti.

Chris decided he wanted an Egg Custard Tart but the one in the cafe looked like someone had stuck their finger in it and then put it back on the shelf. He decided he was going to get one from the bakery instead. He had let me break off a tiny little bit – I really wanted like one to myself (haha) but I did try to be good.

Following Lunch, Chris wanted to go and play Laser Tag. It’s not my cup of tea so the boys went and did that while Jaxon and I sat in the Laser Tag’s place cafe/lounge. I worked on blog posts and Jaxon played.

We headed back to the car via WHSmith to look at the magazine books they do. Chris was given one for his birthday last year (or it could have been Christmas) about Web Design so he went to look for another one. I got one about Social Media Marketing and he got one on Web Design again. I did look at one about blogging but it was pretty much all the stuff I knew for WordPress.

We came back via Thurleigh and I crashed out on the sofa, I have no idea what it is but since I’ve had Jaxon I get motion sickness when in the car, usually I’m fine and if I’m driving I’m fine but when I was on holiday it was getting worse especially bouncing around country roads and then again yesterday it was really bad. I had a headache coming on too so I did wonder if it was worse because of the headache. I guess if needed I’ll have to start taking anti-sickness or those wrist bands thingies (Maybe I need to research and see if anyone would send me goodies in return for reviews).

My Mum got the new Slimming Word book last week which is Veggie Feast or something like that so I took a picture of one of the recipes and when I saw her earlier in the week she gave me a photocopy of that particular recipe. I’d been putting it off all week but decided that this was the day for the recipe so I despatched Our Sidekick to the shop for some eggs and got started on the potatoes and carrots. Oh my life – note to self if you’re making rosti’s again make sure you leave enough time to grate all the potatoes and carrots.

Well I got there in the end and they were really good. Jaxon tried poached egg – he wasn’t convinced but it was a new thing so I don’t think he was really feeling it also it was heading towards bed time so he was tired.

Chris wanted to go to the cinema and Our Sidekick was lovely enough to babysit and my headache was getting worse. UGH. Well I took painkillers and drank more water then posted a prayer request on The Peony Project. So much had been organised for us to have a date night that I couldn’t cancel and head to bed.

Thankfully all that did it’s job and by the time the film started it was clearing. Unfortunately by the time we were heading home it was coming back again but on the plus side it was bedtime once I got in. We went to see Inside Out which I really loved – I think I am going to add that to my Wishlist once the DVD comes out.

So that’s that, Chris turns 30! Next up my Sister in Law turns 30 but I don’t think she wants a big deal made about that so I might be next hehe.

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