{This Is Me}

Author you love? Kathy Reichs
Best friend? Chris
Can’t live without? Chocolate
Dream destination? America, New Zealand or Australia
Embarrassing moment? Nearly dropping my guitar while playing at a different church last weekend.
Favorite food? Ice Cream (Image below from TwoforJoypaper’s Etsy Store)


Ice Cream!

Greatest achievement? BA (Hons) Degree
Hometown? Bedford, Bedfordshire
Innermost fear? I have no idea. Erm I think being lonely is possibly up there.
Just finished reading? Virals by Kathy Reichs
Kindle? No
Love to read? Yes, lots and lots
Makes you laugh? My friends and brother
Number one movie? The American President or Amelie.


One wish? A cure for cancer or alzeimhers.
Pizza topping? New Yorker or Quattro Formaggi
Quote that describes you?
Reading now? The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Siblings? Richard
Texted last? Tubi (that’s Too-Bee) I think.
Understands you the best? Mummy Steph – she just knows lol.
Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla
Worst habit? Procrastinating
X-rays you’ve had? Teeth and ankle
Your favorite song? At the moment or like ever? At the moment I’m really liking Rolling In The Deep by Adele – then again KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit has been on repeat for a few days in the car.
Zodiac sign? Taurus – but I don’t pay attention to them.


Found at Emerging Em


  1. Belly B says:

    This made me feel like we have way too much in common 🙂 The Hobbit is an amazing book. Enjoy! 🙂

    <3 Belly B

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