This Is The Week That Was

I’ve been having one of those weeks I think. I spent most of Tuesday when I was at home watching Eureka and trying to write a blog post – I kept trying to summarise what we had got up to and then kept getting my days muddled!

So rather than try and rehash each detail we have a bullet point (nearly wrote bulletproof) list of each day:


  • Funfair rides with the InLaws
  • Engineering lesson about the carousel from my FIL.
  • Trampolining (too hard the harness kept cutting into my legs and the whinge thing was too high)
  • High Ropes (That Boy thought it would be great for me to have a go – I had a go and then couldn’t move for most of Monday – my arms were killing me!)
  • Playing Crochet on the lawn (hehe)
  • World Cup final – come off it Netherlands you spend most of the match cheating you have very little right to contest the fact that Spain won!
  • Bend it Like Beckham – I have seen this film like once a year since it came out and yet I still like it. I realised how funny it is that Parminder Nagra’s character goes off to USA just as she started in ER. (Bend It came out in 2002 I think and then she joined the cast of ER in 2003)


  • We travelled home today.
  • Garden Centre – on the way home we stopped at a Garden Centre – it was 16 acres of various different bits and pieces – I went for a walk round a craft store that was part of the garden centre – that was okay but nothing different than the local craft stores. I found a really nice craft bag but there was no tag on it and I don’t really think that I had the money for it lol.


  • Town – I got up this morning and went into town – having been up for breakfast every morning at 8am ish my body wouldn’t really let me sleep even though I was kinda tired. I went into town wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The temperature has dropped and from what I heard it was around the 15 degrees mark! (US readers that’s about 40 Fahreinheit) having spent all weekend sweating because it was so hot it was kinda funny to be cold lol. I was in two minds whether to put my jeans and a jumper on when I got home.
  • Ikea – While we were away The Kiwi had collected all the DVDs together that had migrated around the living room. It ended up that we needed another shelf unit for them. We already have two Benno units from Ikea so we just needed another one of those – here’s where I’m wrong – I estimated that one would be enough but actually having got home and put the unit together I’m short of space for about 20 DVDs – I think I might have to start thinning out my collection – I know there are a couple that I probably won’t watch again lol)


  • So originally the plan for Wednesday was to go get the tickets for Eclipse then come home and flop. Well me and Tubi went to the cinema only to find that on most weekdays they don’t open till 12:45. Well I’d forgotten to get Zoza a present in town when I was there on Tuesday, so I gave Tubi the option I could take her home and go back for her around lunch or she could come with me while I window shopped and got Zoza a present.
  • We went to Interchange followed by town and got something for Zoza. Then at 12:30 we headed back to the cinema. While we were in town we grabbed a drink from Costa Coffee – I had a Iced Caramel Latte and got Tubi a Frappucino thingy (okay so that is a Starbucks name rather than a Costa name but I can’t remember what they call them lol) My Iced Caramel Latte was nice but I should have gone for a fruit based drink rather than coffee – it was a little too strong for me – but I guess the fact that I drank it all showed that I’m beginning to like coffee.
  • We went back to the cinema to get the tickets for Twilight: Eclipse – this was fine. The cinema sign said 12:45 but actually it was closer to 1pm when they actually opened.
  • I then dropped Tubi back home and my Aunt was enjoying her study break from writing her dissertation – as we got there she was just finishing and going back to her Uni Work. She literally sat down and noticed the fly that had been flying around all morning – she got back up again and started trying to swot the fly. I pointed out that she was just procrastinating and that she could leave Tubi to catch the fly and she could get on with her work lol. I think catching the fly was some form of carthasis as well so I left her to it lol. She once again recommended that I watch The Vampire Diaries. So that’s what I did I went home and watched the first three episodes of the series – it was definitely closer to traditional vampire stories (and shows like Angel and Buffy) rather than sparkly vampires that can go out in sunlight lol. (Yeah I like Twilight but the sparkly is just a little silly).


  • I had the best day out with my Mum today – I was really tired and so the journey in to London was a little fraught – we were going early as we had to be at Great Portland Street for 10:15am but it was so worth it. We went for a makeover thingy at Studio London so the morning started and we had our make up done and then our hair. We then got dressed up and did our best Vogue impression in front of the camera lol. (I have my pictures but need to get them from the CD onto my Mac at some point). That took up most of the day. After our photo shoot we had a break for lunch so we wandered up to Regent Street and went to La Tasca for lunch. I think I’ve only been to a Tapas bar/reastaurant twice before – boths times were Los Iguanas (first time I had food and wasn’t really sure about anything on the menu lol, the second time was just for drinks) Anyhoo! The food was lovely. We got a deal thingy where you pick some dishes and then you share them between two. We had Tortilla Espanola, Ensalada de Pera y Jamon, Croquetas de Pollo, and Paella de Verduras. While we waited for our food to come we had Aceitunas Mixtas and Pan de Barra. (Yep okay so I don’t speak Spanish either lol. So the translation is….Spanish Omelette/Tortilla, Pear and Ham Salad, Chicken Croquettes and vegetable paella. Our nibbles were Mixed Olives and bread with Balsamic/extra virgin olive oil dip.) All in all it was yummy unfortunately the service was a little slow. (It got to the point where at the end of our meal we stood up and acted like we were about to leave so that they would bring over the bill and then come back for the money lol.)
  • Following lunch we went back to collect our photos – it took a little while to be seen and then it took a little while we decided what images we wanted. Following that we headed back up to Regent Street and Oxford Street. We stopped off at John Lewis’s but our main goal was to get to Marks and Sparks at Marble Arch (one of my Mum’s favourites lol) We found some nice clothes in Per Una once again lol. There was a really nice checked top but they didn’t have my size) – I think it’s the one in the picture but I thought it was brighter than that.
  • After going to Marks and Sparks we headed a bit further up to the tube station to catch the tube back to St Pancras so that we could come home. We got on the tube and it was like an oven it was soooooo hot – I’m glad I don’t have to do that every day that’s for sure!
  • We then grabbed a drink at Starbucks in the station (Come on M&S Simply Food it’s heading towards rush hour you need as many tills open as you can manage – especially when your queue has doubled back on itself and it heading towards the door.)
  • We caught the train back to Bedford, we had to stand from St Pancras to St Albans but after that managed to get a seat for the rest of the way home. I read an article in the Evening Standard about moving out of home and living in London. (Article)


  • Back to work – It’s quiet and I kinda don’t want to be here – then again I’m on a 1 day week lol. Then again can’t complain too much. My manager is going on holiday later today – not just any holiday she’s going to Russia. Talk about slightly off the wall lol. She sent me her itinerary and it looks like so much fun.
  • It was briefly discussed before we went away but it’s so exciting I want to talk about it and come up with some kind of exciting plan already lol. And me being me will probably have to organise some kind of itinerary lol. That Boy, The Kiwi, JulesO, The Kiwi’s Sister (she can be the Kiwi-ette lol) and Me are looking at all going to Italy next year – I have a list as long as much arm of places I want to visit – we’re working on which city we most want to see and then working from there. I’d love to see Casa Giulietta in Verona, The Tower of Piza, the ruins at Pompeii, and The Sistine Chapel amongst other things! Having studied Italian for 4ish years at school I can’t wait to actually get to use it lol. Unless I find what happened the other night – I was trying to mentally practice asking stuff in Italian and it kept merging into French – so not going to work!

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