this weekend i…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.
This Weekend I… was very good and did chores – I even used the crazy jump in heat this weekend to get the washing drying outside instead of tumble drying it all. In fact I’m almost up to date thanks to the weather.

This Weekend I… grabbed breakfast with my friend Judit of Monster Yarns (You can also find her blog here). It should have been really straight forward – get on the bus head towards town get off at the relevant stop. Clearly it wasn’t that easy and I ended up riding half way round Bedford before I got to breakfast. One of my pet hates is being late and so I kept texting Judit to give her an update of where I was and when I would get there! In the end I did make it, we had breakfast at The Cheese Kitchen (always been told about it but never actually eaten there until now!). I had a pain au chocolat and an apple juice – it was good job I had a bottle of water with me because I was super thirty when I got there because of the heat outside!

This Weekend I… headed to the oldies home. Firstly I walked into town with Judit and we chatted about all sorts of things. We pottered round a couple of shops then I headed to the bus station to catch the next bus of my crazy Saturday trip. I got to the oldies home, turned on the hot cupboard and then opened every window in the kitchen and most of the ones in the dining room – we were going to need all the air circulating possible as it was getting hotter as the day went on.

This Weekend I… caught the bus back to my parents house to collect Our Sidekick – normally the turn around between work and him being dropped off is fine but because I was on the bus instead of in the car it caused all sorts of craziness. On the other hand it meant that I could get another hug with my Mum because she left for the airport. She’s in New Zealand for a couple of weeks at a the Taupo Symposium then I think her and her friend are doing some exploring of the islands (jealous? me? Maybe a bit!! She’s up the road from Middle Earth!!)

This Weekend I… cycled to town with Our Sidekick. Well I cycled, Our Sidekick ran most of the way! He was amazing, he stopped for the traffic lights part way and stopped because he had a stitch but other than that he kept going like a trooper! After collecting Chris from The Fountain, we headed to Suzie’s birthday party. Following Suzie’s party we headed home via a friend’s house who was also having a party/BBQ/get together.

This Weekend I… continued with the madness and cycled to church, we all set off together but somewhere along the line Our Sidekick ended up miles in front of us and Chris ended up behind me after I overtook him. Following church, I went to look at a new-to-me bike, I rode it around the block and showed it to Our Sidekick. He was excited as I was so I rode it back to it’s old home and sorted out what was going to happen next.

This Weekend I… worked on cleaning up my MacBook – I worked out that I’d had it for about six years and probably needed some serious TLC. I’m not sure if I’ve done all I can but I’m working on it.

This Weekend I/We… got into mischief, it’s been a joke since Chris got his mohawk that we’d attempt to get my hair to stand up in a mohawk – well easier said that done that’s for sure. Chris spent a chunk of time trying to get it to stand up – in the end he managed it! I grabbed a shower once the photographic evidence had been taken. I sat in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy and New Girl clips while writing messages to friends. I also started watching Rizzoli and Isles Season 3.


    • Hannah says:

      I would love to go, I did joke about going with them but I don’t think my Mum took me seriously. Hopefully one day I’ll make it for now I’ll just have to keep dreaming about it.

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