100 things that make me happy…

Make Happiness A Habit

This Morning I woke to a tagged post on Facebook from Lucy from Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and Banter.  Over on her blog she posted a list of 100 things that make her happy. So I’ve joined in and written my list….

  1. Sunshine
  2. The smell of freshly cut grass
  3. Hugs from Chris
  4. Hugs from Our Sidekick (As he gets taller the more protective his hugs feel)
  5. Worshipping God
  6. When Our Sidekick accidentally calls me Mum (BTW I’m Mummy 2nd in his mobile phone contacts!)
  7. When my two “adoptees” call me Mum or Mummy Han (even funnier when it’s in public and I answer to it!)
  8. Hanging out with my boys (technically one is my husband but collectively they are my boys! Does that make them Mrs Johnson’s Boys?)
  9. Hanging with my goddaughter and her Mum
  10. Hugs from the kids at church.
  11. The smell of freshly baked bread
  12. Positive people (I get life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but at least be friendly).
  13. When my spreadsheets work the way they are supposed to! (and my colleagues return my hi-fives!)
  14. When those complicated long equations actually work and don’t return an error.
  15. Playing guitar/music in general
  16. Singing at Open Mic (Although I get a little nervous sometimes!)
  17. Dancing round the kitchen while doing chores (today’s song was Macavity from Cats)
  18. Smell of coffee (it used to make me really sad as it reminded me of Grandma, it still reminds me of her but I try to think happy thoughts instead).
  19. Chats with my colleague around our PC screens about families, adventures, food and life. Today we chatted about Yorkshire Puddings and Toad in The Hole
  20. Dancing on my way to and from work
  21. Complete a piece of knitting or crochet
  22. Presenting that piece to the recipient and seeing their reaction.
  23. Receiving random surprises or acts of kindness.
  24. Delivering surprises or random acts of kindness.
  25. Having a houseful of people (like for connect group or for a meal).
  26. Mum or Dad hugs (they make me feel like I can achieve anything!)
  27. Handwritten penpal letters.
  28. White hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day
  29. Sitting curled up on the sofa in the warm watching the snow fall outside. (usually with my phone in my hand making sure the boys are safe!)
  30. A clean and tidy house (but I suck at chores so sometimes it doesn’t work out right!)
  31. Comfy shoes! (currently my very loved trainers)
  32. Flip flops on hot days
  33. Fresh flowers
  34. Gerberas
  35. Peonies
  36. Learning new skills
  37. Beating high scores
  38. Accepting my geekiness
  39. New Clothes
  40. Baby cuddles
  41. Hanging with friends
  42. Getting messages from my Besties
  43. Pizza
  44. Pasta
  45. Visiting the seaside
  46. Lists (make me feel organised!)
  47. My Filofax  (see! organisation again!)
  48. Bright coloured post it notes!
  49. Bright colours in general
  50. Travelling and exploring.
  51. Just because presents/”I saw this and thought of you”
  52. Attempting to learn/speak foreign languages
  53. Shakespearean Plays
  54. Starting a new crochet/knitting piece.
  55. Old/Second hand books
  56. Chatter of the WI Ladies on a Thursday evening.
  57. Cooking for other people (Rather than just my family)
  58. Raisins on my Malt Wheaties……(Yeah I know really they are Shreddies!)
  59. Iced Tea from The Fountain on a hot day.
  60. Hanging out with Our Sidekick (often watching things like The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother).
  61. When my MP3 player brings up just the right song on shuffle. (Sometime it’s can really unpredictable and come out with the most random songs!)
  62. The happy chatter and squeaks from the guinea pigs – those boys know when the fridge door opens!
  63. The smell of cherry cake (well unlike the last one I made which was burnt to a crisp!)
  64. Getting into bed when it’s just been changed.
  65. The warm side of the pillow (if I have to wake up I flip it over!)
  66. When Our Sidekick asks me to play XBox with him (I suck at it but the fact that he asked me makes me feel special)
  67. My brother’s singing – sounds silly but I know he’s happy when he’s singing (especially when it’s fun. or Frank Sintra! He also does a rocking Valjean/Javert from Les Mis)
  68. When my day goes almost to plan.
  69. When you do shopping and you get to the till and find the item is cheaper than it says on the tag.
  70. Paddling in the sea.
  71. Swimming underwater (when I manage it without getting in a panic!)
  72. Divebombs into a swimming pool (a lot of pools tell you off so has to be done safely!).
  73. Hanging with my friend and her little boy. He’s super cute and so excited about everything.
  74. Clearing out my inbox so that there are no emails to deal with.
  75. Posting a blog post that I worked hard on.
  76. Making a cake without having to check the recipe 100 times!
  77. Hugs from my Grandma and Grandad’s.
  78. Riding my bike (except when my butt hurts from the saddle! Clearly I need a cushion or something!).
  79. Waking up before my alarm and realising I can have more sleep.
  80. When the goodies win.
  81. Happy Endings to stories.
  82. The first slice from a new cake.
  83. Helping my friends out when they need it.
  84. Clearing a book from my “in progress” list on Goodreads.
  85. Munching on homemade warm popcorn while watching a movie.
  86. The snapping sound when you break a bar of chocolate straight from the fridge.
  87. That noise when you open a new can of fizzy.
  88. Riding my bike in the sunshine.
  89. Watching old war films with my Dad (like The Great Escape, Ice Cold in Alex and The Dambusters).
  90. Crocheting with friends
  91. Teaching crochet and seeing the excitement it causes.
  92. Looking at the totals that I’ve cycled and walked.
  93. Napping on the sofa (the good naps where you wake up feeling refreshed rather than the bad naps when you wake up feeling worse then before.
  94. Stargazing
  95. Planning adventures to far off places.
  96. Being passionate about crocheting and knitting etc.
  97. Looking at the crochet squares in my living room ready for the Macmillan Blanket.
  98. Planning for the future with Chris and Our Sidekick.
  99. Encouraging Our Sidekick to create goals for himself.
  100. Cheering him on as he ticks off those goals.

I will “tag” Mel of Melissa Explains It All, Meetali of Buttercream Magic, Marceline of Asking for Trouble and Kristina of Big Apple Mami. If you’re not tagged by you want to join in feel free – link back here so I can see your list.

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